Penance by jae


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Added: Mar 13, 2003
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I love your work. I hate to be cheesy but I get lost in looking at each piece. They all have their own story, I am amazed:)

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this is a truly amazing peice of art, for some reason its like i feel this art, like something was hiding deep inside my subconcious, and thats what it looked like, i feel this work in my heart, its so beautiful and awe inspireing, i could stare at it all day and get lost in it like some kind of daydream.

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very Parkesian. Just beautiful.

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wow.. the colours are so nice !
great job

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awsome stuff

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Wow, it’s really gorgeous. The little details are amazing and I like the pose. It’s like she reaching down for something…life, or a soul…something like that.

Guest's picture of kells..harp....hmmm..u r very, are u???

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This reminds me a tiny bit of the illustrations in A Series of Unfortunate Events. Maybe it's the thin, willowy feel of the image. I love her wings, but they way you've done very little of the feathers compared to the other parts of the image make them a little, I don't know, misplaced-looking? And I can't see the feathers from the wing behind, should they be there or did you want to have a lot of definition with not much colour? Good work on the originality of her horns and clothes.

How much time did you spend on this image? It's truely wonderful and the most amazing thing is you seem to belt out wonderful, talented image after wonderful, talented image at a very fast rate.

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Now this is my idea of an ANGEL! not with all the puffy whitness. God, when I die, I want to see a sky full of these guys XD Beautifal work. It's god an old fearie tail book look to it. The colors are so tranquil and peacful.

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Oh my god....

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All I can say here is: woah! Was this based on an original sketch, or drawn wholly on computer? It certainly has the movement and fluidity of a sketch, especially on the book. Wonderful texture work, too.

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Great work Jason, I especialy like how you have altered the anatomy from the norm (arms, neck ect.)to create this unique fantasy character...

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My first thought upon viewing this was "Pandora meets Prometheus." After looking at it a bit more closely, I have no idea why I thought of Pandora, other than the faint tracings of imagery on the wings, but the bandages, the cliff, and the birds swooping in says 'Prometheus' to me. Whatever the meaning, this is a beautiful piece of work, though the musculature and general frame of the right arm is a bit off. Wonderful job.

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I really really like this~ But I cant help but think.....Paracite Eve....hmmm

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I use photoshop 7 Wink

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I really love this painting, it's sense of daylight, subtle textures, skillful use of digital paint, refined detail and the awesome design.

Ps. What programs do you use?

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Beatiful work!

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Oh my good!
This picture is so good..! *smile*
I'm sorry.. I don't speak English very good. Sad

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well, i have been a fan of yours for some time now,and i am still stunned at your ability to not only render but concieve of very interesting and unique characters.cant wait to see a book of yours out.congratz on editors pick.....yet again Tongue

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oh this is so so lovely, and so symbolic, all your paintings have this other source of life that I love, and the this one is my favorite, it is beautifull, and portrays so much emotion, truly stunning!

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Your a true master Jason! My hats off to you & your beautiful work!

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I absolutely love the textures. Extremely nice job!

Art at its best.