Black Death by jae

Black Death

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Added: May 28, 2003
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I've played warlord for a long time, and I can notice your artwork from a mile away without looking at the artist name on the side of the card. My friend Jonathan Krampe has a sketch you did of Sir Aleron D'Ilchant, the Deverenian warlord, he got it from you at one of the conventions that warlord was presented in. After I saw it I told him that if he didn't hide it I was going to steal it... You are without a doubt the most talented fantasy artist alive and this picture not only proves it but does and will always prove and sustain your position as the most talented light and effect artist of our time, it is absolutely amazing. If you are ever in Kentucky look up Raventales at the Owensboro, KY mall, its a small gaming store that plays stuff like D&D (obviously where this dragon originated), Warlord, Warhammer, and other games of this sort. If you were to come by it would be a great honor for all of the warlord players there. Your art still amazes me keep it up.

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A face that even a mother couldn't love

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it look so real! amazing

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I must say that this is the most impressive dragon i have ever seen!!!!! I'm going to change my wallpaper now ^-^

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Hands down the best 3E black dragon I've yet seen. You got the sunken face down wonderfully. As for the earlier comment about the waist being narrow, the D&D look for dragons bases them off the same basic body frame as a greyhound, so it should be narrow from most angles. All around great piece.

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Simply fantastic as always your pictures are a grand representation of all things D&D. Kudos

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(Tips over and twitches) I love dragons, everything about them, and you managed to capture it. Great peice of work! I can't wait to look at the rest. ^ ^

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he's like, not a pic, he's a photo. Where'd you find him? Must've used a digital camera Smile *won't believe this is not a photot, too good* He looks like a Balrog.

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KOOOOOOL!!! Dude i spent about 5-10 min. examining each one... u r 1 hell of a good i mean GREAT artist! keep it up dude! ^_^

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This is a simply stunning piece of the classic D&D black dragon. Wonderful work, Jason -- just wonderful. -- J.H.

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i beleave WOW is a proper discription of the quality of this pic !!!!! so..... W O W !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love the dragon, you did an amazing job on makeing the dragon very imposing. It almost looks like he just turned some knight's fellows into charred lumps, and has found a new target, thus explaining the very intimidating look. You have inspired me and i wish you well.

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Ho this is cool. One of the best Dragon drawings I've ever seen, if not the best. Any more where that came from? Smile

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A few crits -- His belly scales seem too perfect and symmetrical, add a little variety to increase interest. Also his waist seems a tad too narrow. Other than that, great stuff.

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Bloody nora jason.fantastic design this is one wicked dragon.The deign the detail.just awesome.I see great things for you*increases psychic power*.I see... a tutorial!!!yes thats it a tutorial....;D. J/K ahehe excellent.

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God!He is magnificent and powerful!!!

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It's a feature image in Dragon Magazine. #308 if I'm not mistaken.

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diablo with wings eh? ...i like it

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Beautiful piece! For WoTC I imagine?

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This is really great. Maybe I just like your Todd Lockwood design choice, but never-the-less. I love this picture.

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This picture is awesome. The dragon looks incredible, the skin is so textured and the lighting and mist is stunning. Wonderfull work!

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Great Dragon Jason, you' done a good job on making it look huge, and the horn design is kinda unique for a dragon...excellent work as always with you...

Art at its best.