Wolfsbane by griffingirl


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Added: Jun 27, 2001
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A favorite for a friend...

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Looks Exactly like The Count of Monte Cristo, which is amazing as Edmond in his new name looked very much like a Vampire it was said.

griffingirl's picture

I did this piece LOOOONG before the Counte of Monte Cristo, but when I saw the movie, I was stunned! It's like...I dreamed him or something equally silly! I had to go out and buy the dvd...

griffingirl's picture

Yeah, I've heard that before!! This is a reaeeeeally old piece, though, pre-Caviezel-Cristo! I was struck by the resemblance too, when I saw the movie. I think it's the expression in the eyes...

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He looks almost like Jim Caviezel from "The Count of Monte Cristo".

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reminds me of Van Helsing

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beautiful work! great sketch

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Wowwie wow wow! He is so handsome! *stares at picture for a ling time* If only men were built like that nowadays...*sighs* I would so ask him to walk me home from the ball... Excelent work, great shading and i just love his eyes! Very seductive! ~Cassiopeia Warren

griffingirl's picture

Yup, that's my Red...smoulder, smoulder...

weeman's picture

Very subtle and seductive. A great sketch of a smouldering gentleman... not a hard edge on him. Love the way you executed the cravat.

faeria's picture

so many incredible portraits...you really are amazing!

blueunicorn's picture

And you did; his eyes are really alive.

griffingirl's picture

Hey, not a bad idea...I can do that easily enough!

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to Linda Bergkvist, well I have this kind of beard and though I am not Mr.Universe, I feel quite OK with it...LOL... Excellent drawing. I might have put some light reflections in his eyes, but as I use to say, you're in charge of your own art.

sh-serg's picture

Beautiful work! I like very much tone of pencil in this work! I think you use 'black-white' tone's changing very well!

destinyfall's picture

wow this is cool hehe he does look like that guy on xena...quite a hunk, awesome work.

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He has a very commanding presence about him.

griffingirl's picture

Bet it's those shifty eyes...I do so love a scoundrel!

kexmartigan's picture

He is beautiful, and looks a bit like the late Kevin Smith (who played Ares on Xena). Nice portrait, with attitude!

griffingirl's picture

Heh...unfortunately, he exists only in my imagination...*sigh*

azayaka's picture

wow. very well done. and i gotta know.... um... well, does this guy exist? and if he does, can i have his number?Smile

griffingirl's picture

Boy, that's high praise coming from the Queen of Pretty Boys! I worship at your alter....

enayla's picture

Ah =D You're one of the few people I know who can make a guy with a beard look beautiful =] Gorgeous picture.

minsookchan's picture

and thus every girl in the tri-state area faints. gweh. well, I don't think I need to tell you's he is one stunning man ^-^

shell's picture

wow!!! He melted me! VERY NICE I love the spirit you captured

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er, I hope you've read wuthering heights, that might explain the exclamation mark. Smile I'm a sucker for thick eyebrows and cool goatees. This is beautiful. o those deep eyes. The folds of his cravat look good too.

mcf's picture

very nice portrait. it has that 19th cebtury feel to it. would look great in a CoC book..

yifat's picture

well, he is defently a sight for sore eyes... nice work...

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