Deadsey by griffingirl


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Added: Jun 27, 2001
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My favorite shapeshifter...mixed media...

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griffingirl's picture

Lady, I'm lucky to have you for friend and inspiration. S'all I can say.

Guest's picture

I'm incredibly lucky to have this piece up on my wall. It's some of your best work and even today it still makes me sigh. Especially the eyes. Oh, and the neck. So very Russian, my Khan. Thank you for the thousandth time!

Guest's picture

And I would say she's a Garou: Fianna (because of her red hair) or.. maybe a Bone Gnawer..

goldseven's picture

Oh wow! I love the colours in this one, and her hair is great... that's what I want mine to look like... oly it won't stay that way after five minutes out of the bathroom Wink Great expression!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Since you were so nice to post a compliment on my stuff, I thought I should check out yours...this peice is really nice...simple, elegant and real master of colored pencil!

faeria's picture

wow...very very striking! you are a master portrait artist! *bows* every little detail...such perfection!

blueunicorn's picture

I like her a lot. There is something strong about her and the red of her hair and the hairstyle somehow only emphasizes that. The expression shows strength of character too.

meeshy's picture

I can never do color, yours is so perfect hehe. I shall leave the coloring up to the real artists Laughing out loud Beautiful.

griffingirl's picture

Well, the paper was rather coarse...just like me...and I used a giant El Marko for the black areas. Just loooove the smell of El Marko's....*swoons*

Guest's picture

how did you get that texture? Is there ink in there too? well, whatever you did, please do it some more! Smile

griffingirl's picture

Grrrrrr, baby, very grrrrr!

cos's picture

cool shapeshifer! love that schwarzenegger chin and that big gap from her nose to mouth, she's turning into a lion right? Wink Draw a line down the middle and add a few whiskers *grins*

Guest's picture

Holy Cat Litter! What a gaze and paired with such deft technique. Love your work Christine...glad I got a chance to view your gallery, it was DEFINATELY inspiring.

Guest's picture

Whoo-hah! I knew it! *smug grins* Just commented on this at Elfwood, so I'll try not to repeat myself...
She radiates feral/were-critter vibes; you can tell she's more than human at first glance. Lovely picture!

maura's picture

I love the technigue you used to colour it. It looks great.

peters's picture

What a fabulous face, with such distinctive and sensuous features. The eyes are hypnotic.

Guest's picture

Awesome hairdo - she really looks feral.

jhoneil's picture

I love this style - it's gorgeous!!

hexthree's picture

wonderful! I am a big fan of mixed media as well. The hair came out great. I love the subtle shading with black lines.

Guest's picture

beautiful, i luuuv the eyes!

hidook's picture

This is great!! I love this portrait...she's gorgeous! Great drawing and great color! Take Care!!

griffingirl's picture

Purr, baby...very purr...*grins* You guessed it!

Guest's picture

and if its so, i would say bastet... *g* or garou?

Guest's picture

Very strong and self confident.
I like her hairstle too.

yeechi's picture

*peers* That is a really seamless mix of color pencil and ... watercolor? I love her tilted eyes and that vivid hair.

lockett's picture

Cor blimey!

Art at its best.