Tea in the Sahara by griffingirl

Tea in the Sahara

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Added: Jul 16, 2002
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I've always liked this particular song from The Police, and whenever I heard it, I envisioned a 'Dune-ish' high priestess...maybe this should be Sci-Fi? Heck, I dunno....

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oh she is absolutely spectacular! her eyes!they just entwine you! i love the police! i always think of a nomad with a beautiful woman in the heat of the night!hehe
oh well thats just me!!

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She reminds me of Jennifer Garner somehow...probably the shape of the face and the lips. Great work, truly =) One of the best pencil works I've ever laid eyes on.

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I've read the first few pages of that series...problem is, I read, I fall asleep. Bummer, because I hear it's quite good...

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Very nice. She looks like Daenerys from "A Song of Ice and Fire".

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Thanks, min! High praise, coming from you! Smile

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I'm really likin' your style. Beauty with a tiny, tantalizying hint of the macabre. This girl looks sweet but perhaps she's more powerful than she appears. Maybe she's hiding something? Priestess, huh? That's fitting, somehow. Awesome stuff.

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I DO know something you don't...*cackles!*

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beautiful work! she looks at me with a gaze that says.. 'i know something you dont.'

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By god! That's beautiful shading! And, unusual for me, I was most attracted to your picture of the "gentleman pym"(?) I love your technique. That is beautiful use of pen & ink. I just, just, love it. It almost has a very classic feel to it.
I know what you mean about other Epilogue artists as being inpiring! There is so MUCH original and lovely art that doesn't get all the publicity it deserves.

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yes...nice pencil work, and nice composition! and those eyes...they pull me right in!

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Great pencil work! I very like it.

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This one bowled me over! She's absolutely beautiful. A high priestess for sure. You are very talented, Christine.

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Great eyes and great work

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Very Good work, I think! Her eyes are very good!! I like very much your use of pencil in your works!

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This is by far my favorite out of your gallery. Laughing out loud Thanks so much for all your comments on my humble art! Your work blows me away! I started doing charcoals because a friend asked me too, so I guess I need to go buy a conte pencil now too! hehe I have been inspired!

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Nice range of values. This is a very beautiful drawing.

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the eyes are beautifully rendered..very pretty.

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Wow Christine, she is beautiful! What a marvellous shading you made here.

Art at its best.