Christine M. Griffin by griffingirl

Christine M. Griffin

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 12, 2002
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If this ain't 'fantasy', I don't know what is! Again with the water-soluble pencils. Inspired by "The Sky is a Poisonous Garden", Concrete Blonde.

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Wow! I don't know what to say, but this is so beautiful, you're beautiful! I LOVE your work!
I wonder... how much would it take to persuade you to do my portrait?

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Wow! This is so beautiful, you're beautiful! ^^ I wonder... how much would it take to persuade you to do my portrait?

rita's picture

What a great painting Christine -- yeah already thought, you must have painted yourself as a kind of vampire Smile Wonderful done!

goblinfiesta's picture

This is fantastic--I'm speechless! But--I have to say--love the play of light and dark--but most especially the expression on her face! Smile You are a true master of the colored pencil medium!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful art! Smile

mistere's picture

You are a fine illustrator!

kenmeyerjr's picture base a painting on! Great combo of violet and green. I have named many of my paintings after songs...haven't based as many on the actual songs, but I remember a few I named after songs. Let's see...Where Angels Fear To Tread (Guadalcanal Diary), Anima Rising (Joni Mitchell)...others I can't remember offhand. Anyway, nice work!

thejeff's picture

very nice hues, tones, and contrast.

mya's picture

Top stuff - really good draughtsmanship, and the highlighting on that sleeve looks great. The mood and expression are really interesting, as well - sort of playful and sinister all at once...

griffingirl's picture

*Cackles!!!* You're too much, Chris...

chrisxavier's picture

You certainly have an eye for colour-tones. Very skilful use of water-soluble pencils too I might add. I've been staring at this image now for a while and finally I think I understand what is going on. She - a vampire and obviously a carnivore - has grown tired of meat and decided to become a vegetarian thus trying to eat a whole tree as compensation for earlier deeds. Wink

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Nicely done! The haughty/playful look is grand. I have a set of those water soluble pencils... this makes me want to break them out and play with them again.Smile

griffingirl's picture

Cancer, out for my pinchers...

samael's picture

Well, well, well, hello there, secsssy girl, whats your zodiac sign? ;P

griffingirl's picture

Thankee, Patch!

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I love the song, and the image fits wonderfully!

If I could get your mastery of colored pencils, I would be a happy lil' wolf...

blobsticks's picture

Aahhh, fantastic as always Christine Smile

griffingirl's picture

*blushes and giggles like a school-girl*

griffingirl's picture

At you local renaissance/gothic/barbarian faire, 'natch! *grin*

thedarkcloak's picture

Hey nice pic! killer smile, and sharp hair to match. -_o ! You just know I'd dig this. Obviously n stuff. The expression and body language is great. It's like, seductive, threatening, creepy, and beeeeyootiful all at once. Killer killer! Cant say enough about it! =D

blueunicorn's picture

Hey, Christine! Now this is a really great fantasy portrait! I too, like the skin against all that green.

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What a beautiful little corpse you are! Wink I'm with Dan...the pale skin is really nicely done and is in beautiful contrast to all those dark tones in the garb. Now the important question...where can a girl get a corset like that ??!

griffingirl's picture

When the moon hangs fat and sleepy, like a cat in the blue-black sky, and the air is thick with the promise of rich hunting...*cue the scary music*

griffingirl's picture

Thanks, Dan! Death becomes me...

griffingirl's picture

Heh...don't I wish. I usually describe them as 'olive drab.' Or M*A*S*H green. Lovely, eh?

mermalior's picture

Wow, a real vamp:) When will we meet?Smile))

megaflow's picture

Everything about this just rocks! fine drawing and composition especially! Are your eyes really that green...?

wolverat's picture

Fantastic skin tones, Christine.

Art at its best.