Corruption, Inc. by griffingirl

Corruption, Inc.

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Added: May 18, 2003
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Evil comes in all colors. It is seldom black and obvious, or cackling maniacally. It is that which we desire, we covet. And she knows this....

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griffingirl's picture

Fight Club IS one of my fave movies, so...I coulda been chaneling the chick!

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Great pic, kinda reminds me of the lead female char. from the movie fight club.

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I am an author sent to look at your work by my publisher. This picture alone inspires a story.

Lena Austin

griffingirl's picture

Guess I've found my niche, eh? *grin*

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I came to epi looking for inpiration, and this is where I found it. Oh yeah... I can't help but say that I find you very sexy through your art.

griffingirl's picture

Knobby Wheezer?? *grins* You're welcome...stop by any time. You're obviously a visitor of insight and grand taste!

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Additional comment re 'Resemblance': *I* thought that the thumbnail was a sketch of Madonna---the vocalist. However, the larger version is much more beautiful than Madonna. Thank you for sharing with us. Smile

griffingirl's picture

I adore HBC...glad you do too....*wink*

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This drawing reminds me so much of Helena Bohnam-Carter from the movie Fight Club....It's absolutely beautiful.

mermalior's picture

I mean notice your name:)

mermalior's picture

Christine... Ahh, must nice your name:) Bookmark your gallery... Eh, kick*ss pic!

griffingirl's picture

Dead on, Sean...sounds like you know the type!

pageaxe's picture

She's playing chess with lives,always ten moves ahead of the rest-very cool Christine!

griffingirl's picture

*gets all a'twitter with such eloquent flattery.* Do go on...!

griffingirl's picture

Lil' ol' me? Thinking dark thoughts? Pishaw....

christar's picture

I really admire the powerful sensuality in your works, this is an elegant example. Love that smoke effect. Smile

sh-serg's picture

Really like it, interesting work.

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vera-lucia's picture

I am not sure but she reminds someone I know! Nice subject, Christine

portalrun's picture

wow! I thought this was a photo from the thumbnail, is that you thinking evil thoughts? anyways excellent pencil work

Art at its best.