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The Enlightened

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 27, 2004
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An intellectually superior race, supposedly. Hence the sparkly eyes. *grins* This is my first digital piece that I think is worthy of Epilogue. We'll see if the editor's agree....*crosses figners* I think I'm in the Kay Allen School of Digital Art. No layers, no bells and whistles. Just 'paint' on 'canvas'. It's a good deal neater than my normal acrylics, which I haven't touched since I had kids!

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Try using the burn tool to bring out some color where the light is being reflected away from the viewer(shadows). otherwise incredible control with modeling. might make his right eye, or our left just slightly larger.

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If that guy exists, Chris, I wanna have his babies! LOL.. that's HOT!

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This is absolutely one of my favorites by Christine! I love the arcane-looking transformation going on in the eyes. The glow just seems to grow into the entire picture. Wonderful job!

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beautifull! which are the tecnic ?

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I wish I could look like the guys you create Christine. This guy looks awesome.

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Wow, this is gorgeous! I love the eyes. Very nice work!

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*smooches Ellen*

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Hey! Cyn! Long time no see! Thanks for cruisin' by the pad, lady!

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I love it! Wonderful lighting and detail.

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Whoa Chris....Pretty impressive digital effort!
I'm really impressed with those digital lips...yummmm!

Seriously, nice work. I'm sure Kay is proud.

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Thanks, Scott! I wandered back to your gallery, and it makes me want to draw boobies. Heh...

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Wow Christine, the last comment you left in my gallery you had said your new Wacom was fighting you tooth and nail, but it looks to me like you won that war with ease! This is a most impressive digital portrait piece. Excellent skin tones, great light and shadow work, and I like the brush work in the hair. Made even more impressive in that you had no layer work in it. I'm a layer painter myself, so I'm always impressed when someone does something this good just with painting on one layer. Excellent stuff Christine, you sure opened a can of whoop-ass in that Wacom! Smile

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Very nicely done portrait. The starry effect looks pretty neat, and I like the coolness of the palette.

Art at its best.