The Pirate Queen, Leonie by griffingirl

The Pirate Queen, Leonie

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 07, 2005
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By permission of Leonie's creator, here is a less-watermarked version of the ginger-locked Pirate Queen! There will be no quarter given to any who steal the saucy wench, so dare not ye right click. Arrrrr!

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wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!setting is awesome.

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make the marks on the water smaller

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I love her! She reminds me of a book character (same description, different job), which is a little odd, but she's truly amazing! The coat, hair, and background are all incredibly well done! The ship's a nice touch too.

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Hiya it's me again-you know the one who wanted her blonde-well, I luv pirates so well done Laughing out loud x x x

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we finally have an ATTRACTIVE leader to band under in our bid for world domination! huzzah for leonies!

this has made me proud to be a leonie =] shes stunning x

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a true queen. a real Grace O'Mally.

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Pirates rock

I wonder where the king is?

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Lucky guy, I'd say.... Wink

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She`s perfect!
She reminds me my future wife!))
Well done!

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Aww cool, my names Leonie and i look exactly like this! well maybe not quite Tongue

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I do like your "Dark" style...I can relate to it...peace&luv2U.

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Thanks, Ms. Moore! I do have to pay a little more attention to anatomy; sometimes I get lost in the details.

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I have to say the picture is lovely and very well done, however I knowticed while I was looking at it the chest seems to look flat, the lack of a pronounced collarbone and hollow of her throat I think is the cause. Also it seems the jackets left sleeve*if your looking straight at pic* has to many folds, other then those things I think the photo is wonderful. The details are very well done.. the small shine on the ring, her nails and hands are exquisite, the detail on her bodice and face are amazeing. All in all I think you have done a wonderful job and should be very proud of yourself.


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This is magnificent....the whole composition is great, and her hair.....I had a look at the clos-up version too. Really über-class PS work there. Kudo's ...

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Love the mood of this, the character is beautiful and her gaze is flawlessly

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This is really good, congratulations

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Absolutely beautiful character! I do like your style!

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Cool character portrait Christine, first rate! Smile

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Envy, maybe? We crave what we can't be.... Wink Now, if I could just soak up some of your prolifickness, Ken...though it's heartening to know your day sounds a great deal like mine! (I read the interview.)

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boy, you are just becoming the king...I mean, the queen, of rendering gorgeous females....

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Really nice job with this Christine!! An excellent Pirate Queen!! Very well done character...Fiery wild red hair...Beautiful!!! She would look great on a Captain Morgans bottle...

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*big fat blush!*

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That hair gave me nightmares, but it was worth it...I learned a lot through it's making. Glad you like it!

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Yeah, she DOES look a little like Kate...hmmm....!

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she loves you as you have never been loved before...
and it is here...
in her kiss...
you find Heaven...
embraced by a devil with an angel's face...
~who dines on your soul.~"

There are no words for my delight in this picture of my character, Leonie de Sainte-Vire. Christine has captured the many facets of her personality exquisitely!

Merci avec tout mon coeur, m'amie!


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::Just beams::

Small of stature, slight, and delicate, her flaming curls and alabaster skin contrast sharply with the black brows and lashes framing large, brilliant violet-blue eyes. Once the charming tomboy Leon, she has blossomed into an exquisite Queen. Soft spoken, yet radiantly regal, she is graceful in gossamer gowns that seem to float with her every step. Forever 19, yet there is something about those exotic eyes! So Familiar!! So Unforgettable!! Haunting your dreams, she is the face you see in a misty night, the footsteps you hear down the hall, her laughter the song that floats on a summer's eve. Yet beware! For this soft, fragile rose is a Pirate, hot of temper, coolly calculating. Fearless and fiercely passionate, she strides the decks of her flagship, her thin blade grasped and ready in her small hand. Take heed, for her pure heart belongs to SIONLY, and her blade is sharp.

"Slowly....a delicious smile slides over lush red lips.
You catch your breath...
conscious of an ache just to be able to taste of those lips...
to touch...
And so you offer...
And She drinks...
your very essence...
and you know...
in that moment.

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Oh my doesn't she have such lovely hair, and the lighting is so beautifully realised, your portrait work is so amazing and real, Christine! I feel I could reach out and touch her!

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Beautiful light work and the hair! Absolutely LUV the hair!!! Wonderful!

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Christine - this is SO LOVELY!!! Yeah the light is outstanding. Like also so much her expression - wondeful done!

Art at its best.