When the Wind Blows by griffingirl

When the Wind Blows

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Artwork Stats
Added: Aug 23, 2005
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This was a commission that wound up getting a rework for Epilogue. Guess the client gets a double treat! I'll send her this one too, for being such a great sport.

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Very, very beautiful...
Her face reminds me of Lea Salonga. Know her?
*fat grin*

Well, I just admire your work here... *nodnod*


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wow dis pic is really cool

griffingirl's picture

Aw, sorry you think so. Be well and prosper, nonetheless! Wink

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Too much like a character on Star Trek. Too eerie for me.

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terer laaa ko lukis......sexy nak mampuihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

monsterbox's picture

nicely done!

griffingirl's picture

Holy hannah...what do you mean you wish you had something worth submitting?? That incredible winged girl in the field would've been a wonderful addition to Exotique! Nothing ventured, nothing gained, m'friend. You are WAY too hard on yourself!

mythmaker's picture

Hey Christine! I just noticed this piece on the publicity page for Exotique! I assume it's in the book?! Congratulations! Laughing out loud ...Wish I'd had something worth submitting.. sniff...

griffingirl's picture

Wow, Jessica....I'm uber-flattered! Your own color technique is radiant, so this is high praise. Thankee kindly!

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What a beautiful piece! I like the little things - the flowers and textures in the field, the amazing skin tones with just the right hint of blue, the pattern down the bodice. You portray this character with strength, but delicacy and grace are also a part of her.

mermalior's picture

Wow, it is great!

griffingirl's picture

I love color, so this really warms my cockles! Er....what is a cockle, anyway?

kenmeyerjr's picture

As I've said before, you are progessing at a really quick rate!

cmlovell's picture

Amazing use of colour to evoke feeling; really amazing!

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I see that despite all of the drastic perspective flaws, which I can't see, this is still obviously Epilogue quality! you are Epilogue quality christine!!! I guess you don't have to know calculus to make a good painting. I guess that means that good old fashioned art instincts still have merit.

griffingirl's picture

Yep, it truly was! I managed to forget such a basic aid as mirroring. Thanks for the kind words!

sor-sandra's picture

I just had a look at the earlier version you posted in wip: What a difference! There is much more brightness here, in the colors and also in the atmosphere, not so sad anymore! To mirror it was a good idea!

baybeestar's picture

Beautiful beautiful work Smile Her skin tones are gorgeous, and the colors throughout the piece work so well together Smile Love it!

griffingirl's picture

I'll tell ya, it's due in large part to the gang over at the WIP section of our forum. They're getting me whipped into shape, wether I like it or not! Wink

carles's picture

I followed the evolution of the piece on the WIP. Glad to see it here. It is simply brilliant.

mattbradbury's picture

Well done! it's so beautiful!

portalrun's picture

Absolutely great work, Christine!! Your portaits seem to be getting tighter and crisper with every post...EXCELLENT job...

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I like this version even more, Chris. Great job!

sdavis123061's picture

That is just stunning. Those skin tones are just amazing and the background is perfect. Excellent painting Christine.

rita's picture

Christine, it is fantastic! Wonderful work with the colors and I like this background more Smile

Art at its best.