The Lich Lord by griffingirl

The Lich Lord

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Added: Mar 12, 2006
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"It was a life of in the lap of luxury, consumed by the taint of eternity. The Lord George Fredrickson could faintly enjoy his finery, his lovely wife, his pitiable, endless days..." (Spawned by The Character of the Week topic o'er at ConceptArt, and produced by much fiddling. Thanks, all!)

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I love it! The fingers are a great touch, and the lighting really helps sets the mood. The scull and face in the smoke are wonderful, they complete the piece beautifully. All around great piece!

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Nice picture ,Atmospheric .Soothing in a mildly undead kind of a way.

baylessiii's picture

Hey, Christine, great work. You have a great sense of drama and tons of feeling in all of your art. I really like what you do!

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::just sighs:: I want him! Leonie thinks he is mighty tasty as well! Valour might be in big trouble if she had seen Le Sieur Lich first! Truly marvelous, my friend!

griffingirl's picture

Yeah...yeah....the consumption or whatnot...that's the ticket!

kenmeyerjr's picture

Well, since this character is from long ago, I assume, maybe he had some terrible disease that those inbred rich folks were prone to getting.

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*applauds* I'm glad it got in. Yay.

j-art's picture

This guy really has personality, something diabolic, very mysteious. The faces in the smoke and the skull on the bookshelf gives the piece a very dark and sinister feeling, i really love it.

hagarun's picture

yay its in finally =) very well done, especially his image-right hand, the face and the leatherchair

carles's picture

I was wondering when we would get to see him in your gallery. Great new entry. I love his dandy style, very Dorian-Gray-esque. Great job !

griffingirl's picture

ARGH! I was gonna add the missing finger and I forgot! Dagnabbit, Ken, why didn't you telepathically goose me before I submitted?? Now I'm a very unhappy medium...

griffingirl's picture

Shoot, post as much as you like, Matthew! (I just got done spamming your gallery.) I have a baaaad habit of working too darkly and without distinction. That's definately my NEXT project...lighten up! It's just fashion...(Okay, I'm addicted to Project Runway. I confess.)

bluefooted's picture

Your lich lord kicks some butt! Great job on this.

kenmeyerjr's picture

Hmmm...David Bowie? And, is that three fingers on the cigar hand?

mattbradbury's picture

just noticed the skull on the bookshelf, that is really cool. I love the way you have faced it away from us and it is in the shadows so it very hard to make out but it's their and I really like it. Sorry for posting twice!

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great mood, his eyes say it all. Very nice work.

rita's picture

Great dark atmosphere here - like the settings and the "face" in the smoke

Art at its best.