Knight of the Rainwood by griffingirl

Knight of the Rainwood

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Artwork Stats
Added: Oct 10, 2006
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Art for the CCG 'A Games of Thrones', courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games. Because the art will be substantially reduced (to fit on a card), high contrast and definition is important...

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My word, Christine, your skills have improved in leaps and bounds. I love the richness of this one! Oh, it's Erin, by the way, the one you did "Skald & Valahna" for. Do you have a way I can contact you at all?

Me: rens_email AT

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D'oh! Reins! Reins! I'd hate to see what happened if he was holding reigns *snicker*

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From the direction the sword is in, the guy is definately a 'south paw', if the reigns were held in his left he'd have a really hard time getting to that weapon. *G* I write a character that is a leftie, so my brain is forever flipping things over in my head seeing as I'm a rightie myself.

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Unless you ride English and then you hold them in both hands! I would think, with Medieval sorts or any working rider, it'd be whichever your "off" hand is. Perhaps this fellow is a leftie!

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Really? Interesting! I took horseback riding lessons yeeeeeeears ago, and I can't for the life of me remember which hand I held the reigns. Left, I think, but I attributed that to being right handed. Or...*musing*...maybe I flipped the image because I preferred it, compositionally, and didn't think of that. Thanks for the observation!

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Persnickity detail: most horsemen hold the reins with the left hand leaving the right hand free. Otherwise nice pic!

Art at its best.