Elflord by adorna


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Added: Jul 29, 2001
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I tried to give this picture a good mix of realism and "manga" features that seem to match the elf descriptions (big catlike eyes, sharp cheekbones, white skin etc.) a lot better usually.

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You captured his nobility very well. And I like that torq. I never really pictured elves as being the Celtic types, but it works for this picture.

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Very nice...why can't I get my colors that vibrent?

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Your artwork is fabulous. I especially like this one. It truely does capture the essence of a royal elf of Valinor. It is wonderful. I am stunned. It is simply beautiful.

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Wow dude that is so awesome, he looks JUST like what I write about, very elfy (elfish, elven?)LOVE the blue shading too, makes him look more aloof and regal the way its all cool color schemes. Dreamy eyes ; )

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I like it:)

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I think this is a wonderful pic!

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sehr schöne augen.. die schatten sind realistisch... *seufz* umwerfend
mfg skyven

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Hello again. Two things bother me in this picture (which is stunning, by the way. His chin seems to come out a bit too far.... or maybe that's just part of his character? And his eyes are a tad too close.

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I love this picture, the colors are fantstic...

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He´s Beautyfull! Those slightly androgynous features, the china-like Skin, those delicate ears and the fine Jewelry are perfectly elven. *sigh* And those Eyes... Legolas? Who ´s Legolas...

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Perfect blend of realism and manga, I'd say, though I'm no anime afficianado. One could get lost in those eyes....

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Sweeeeet =) I like!! He almost reminds me of my Indeoque (Only this guy has yellow eyes *smiles*) I don't know what else to say... I really like it.

Art at its best.