Hel (v2001) by yanmei36

Hel (v2001)

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Added: Aug 01, 2001
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In Norse mythology, Hel is the ruler of Helheim, the realm of the dead.
She is the youngest child of Loki and the giantess Angrboda. I've got a soft
spot for Hel, she didn't choose to be a corpse from the waist down.

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yeah you're right...I honestly don't remember why I did her leg like that.

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Great picture, and I also have to say your other one is as well, the one about the Realm for those not killed by wounds or in battles, I forget the proper name. Anyways, very, very nice! May I ask a question though, you say she is corpse from the waist down, yet, it looks like her upper leg is fine...-shrug- though maybe there's something else to it, I don't know about Norse myths.

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Hmmm... if she's a corpse from the waist down, how come I can see her thigh? o.O;;; just a thought... actually, the picture is gorgeous...

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nice work... I really like.. But I personally did not picture Hel as been that beautiful.. But great work you did!

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This picture has this nice blend of youthful beauty with sexy curves all into one well rounded beauty. All of your galery is very impressive! Keep up the wonderful artwork.

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I love the softness of the background -- the mist, the darkness, even the stone seems to be not quite in focus. It seems appropriate for Helheim, a place of the imagination to most mortals. Hel herself seems so dark and mysterious. The detail for her is excellent!

Art at its best.