Necromancer by raist


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Artwork Stats
Added: Jan 26, 2003
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Dude! This is so bitchin! You have inspired me.

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I think I'll just say one word: 'amazing'

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If he had white hair, I'd say it's my precious dark elf Elghinn Despana;)).

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Truly worthy of editor's pick. This picture is awesome looking. Keep it up man! lol- Sladen

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And I called myself an artist...This is absolutely amazing. Your sense of light and shade, and of color is stunning. What a great concept, as well. I viewed your gallery and was humbled. Keep up the good work. You are my Jesus. Smile

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Hey, awsome sense of style, light and atmosphere. Very solid and great. Nice job Smile

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I'm suddenly reminded of a rather sad series: Cowboy Bebop. The window in the background looks exactly like one from episode 5, and it's quite depressing. So of course this pictures stirs quite a lot of emotion. Wonderful work!

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'Holy crap' indeed! In fact, I'll see that 'Holy Crap' and raise you a 'Cor blimey'. It is simply stunning. Those soft alluring blues with the excellent compsition of heavy blacks over them, and the figure himself is just magnetic, magical and beautiful. Wow.

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Holy crap, I want one.

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This piece ROCKS!! Great composition and the mood is extremely dark.

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Looks like a cover for an Ozzy Osbourne album...

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Dark and scary...Love the mood the picture gives.

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This is a very impressive picture. It's so in your face, it really gives a strong message.

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Hey, I forgot to comment--I think this one is awesome--very atmospheric, and the design also kicks some serious arse! I seem to remember an older version of this one...but this new version is looking excellent.

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This is just a simply brilliant picture Rob, I love it. You haven't happened to work for White Wolf have you? I seem to remember a person with the same name as you floating around their card game...

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Amazing ambience,is his face part cat,ala vincent,from beauty and the beast?.incredible detail aswell.congratz on editors pick Smile

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Very interesting, beautiful colors

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Incredible image! Rock on...dead things about or not...

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it's awsome, exept that I've seen quite a few necromancers in ppl's gallerys, but I've never seen them raise the dead, send an army of undead soldiers to kill the living, or do anything involving necromancy!! these must be a bunch of retired necromancers who work at the circus or something, not to insult anyone, but I want to see some necromancers in practice!! Spazman

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Love the design. You created a wonderful feel to this piece.

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wow.. there's not many pictures that make me giggle inanely to myself - this really is cool. The background stained glass window (?) looks fantastic. Congrats on the EP

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Very beautiful...well worth an editor's pick.

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This is fantastic. Great design!

Art at its best.