Shorea robusta Roxb by utakata

Shorea robusta Roxb

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Added: Nov 27, 2001
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Artwork Description

All glories must fade...
It compares to the color of a transient flower of Shorea robusta Roxb.

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hi this is wonderfull did you drow it or what? do you do these kind of stuff?

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this made me speechless... i might fall in love with this.. wonderful and inspiring!

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This is beautiful. Your work is very good, and this is fantastic. I like the colors, they are so soft and delicate almost. Wow, I just really love it.

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that is truly gorgeous

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This is spectacular, completely beautiful. Thank you!

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passion passion passion.i am in awe.beautifull Laughing out loud

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Kare no shisen ni ICHIKORO desu(*=o=*//)....yappari Utakata san no illustration ha kakkoii! Your sense of color coordination and design are always admirable!!

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Wow, I absolutely love the face, especially the lips and the gorgeous bird in the right hand corner. Lovely use of colour and transparency.

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oh my god-- this is gorgeous... some of your best art, like hyde said, ive found a new god to worship! your art is stirring and fantastical, it's like you've... strayed into a dream.

utakata's picture

Thank you for much pleasing statement.

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I'm glad that you add to your favorite work.

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Your hope gives the vitality and the joy which are drawn on me, Thanks hyde=)

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i found a new god to worship! ^-^
(my last god was a vey well drawn bishonen) nyaha.
it really looks fantastic, i love it.
ur vey talented (i think u know, but i just wanted to mention ^-^)
hope to see more of ur gorgeous pictures!

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still my favorite piece on epilogue.
the colors and the way you paint his hair is astonishing.

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OH MY! Love the hair. Love the flowers. Love the overall misty elegance of the whole thing. One of the better digital paintings I have seen recently. Very well done!

yaya-han's picture

I'm completely enthralled by all of your work!! You're a wonderful artist and I look forwward to more pieces from you.
Simply incredible!!

chimera's picture

I still can't believe how perfect your work is, wow..(Not only this one)You're a true inspirtation:)

blueunicorn's picture

I am at a loss for words! This is just simply beautiful. Tranquil, delicate, with a poignancy to it.

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This is absolutely beautiful. I love the texture - it doesn't seem like a painting at all, nor a photo, but something delicate and otherworldly. The details are fantastic and the colours fading to white are perfect - soft and warm. Ganbate kudasai Smile

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The contrast of the human figure is a wonderful draws your attention to his eyes.. You did this in digital?? It's has that light, watercolor feel to it. It's beautiful and I'm especially drawn to the figure behind the flowers...

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This is probably one of my favourites of yours. Doesn't even look digital to me ^_^.

But still, 1 question, is he a character? Or some icon of some sort? I've seen him in a couple of pictures, and I became curious ^^.

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Beautiful and elegant style. Great piece.

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(FlareFairy speaking) Supremely beautiful! I was very touched by this picture.
I love the bird!

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sugoi...... bomb bigular to the ultimate infinity!! all of your artistic endeavors shall be worshiped and you ar now the higher goddess of art!!!!!

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I wish I could do that with watercolor. . . simply stunning!

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this is terrific. simply terrific.

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I am in love with the colours. Very beautiful.

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This is the first time I fell in love with the drawn charactet.
And that's YOUR fault ^__-

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wow!!dis is so kool!!
I luv those straight glimmering menacing eyes from the guy!!
and the background is just perfect for the mini poem u wrote on the bottom

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Wow! I love your art! Especially how you make it look shimmery and kind of like a watery background.Wink Bet you've heard that before. Btw, wcich gallery in Elfwood are you in? And what about Noco? I forget now... and was it in Lothlorien? I know i saw your works there sometime...

Art at its best.