Dryad by faemich


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Added: Nov 24, 2001
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Half woman, half tree. The dryad is the forest guardian. When the forest dies, so will she.

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faemich's picture

Socar, thank you sooo much! I'm a fan of your work and your comments mean so much to me. I have GOT to get a close-up done, that's for sure, now that I have my new camera. Thanks again!

socar's picture

All I have to say to this is--"wow". I mean...wow! It's amazing. I'd love to get a closer took at this--it looks like the details must be stunning.

wrichmon's picture

Thanks for visiting my gallery. Smile It's nice to meet a fellow sculptor here. Great work!

faemich's picture

Thank you, Parisa. Your Piper is wonderful. I appreciate the return visit. Smile

parispanah's picture

it's so nice imagination , I had painted "a half woman half tree" many years before , but I think a fantasy scupture as this , can be so interesting for such subject , I really like it , greeting you for finding such a good style for your fantasy dreams.
also thanks for your comment on my "piper".

Guest's picture

i'm in love with all your little sculptures Smile

faemich's picture

I agree. She's very difficult to photograph because she's got so much metallic thread running through her, but I'm gonna try - just for you, Adrian. And it will be larger! Thank you so much for your comments. They really mean the world!

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Hey wow those are sculptures, didnt realize that when I saw the thumbnails but then the surprise was even greater! 3D work has always fascinated me...you can hold it in your hands, turn it around and admire it from all sides. Too bad the internet doesn`t make this possible, but I`m glad to investigate at least one view of your figurine here! Unfortunately, the picture you posted here is awkwardly small, Epilogue allows you to upload pictures with double that size. Which would be necessary to show all the wonderful details you built in here and thus let us pay homage to your creativity in an even larger scale!

faemich's picture

You're just as sweet as your goblin, Michele. As all goblins are not mean, not all faeries are nice. It would be fun to try your goblin in 3D! Thank you for taking the time to visit and for leaving such a special message. Smile

Guest's picture

Hi from one Michelle to another ... Thankyou for writing such lovely words in my gallery. I love your work. To think that your works are sculpted ... It would be a treat to see them in reality. The detail in them is simply stunning.

faemich's picture

Actually, nothing on this is painted. It's all done with fabric and threads. I'm flattered you would think so, though. Wink I wish you could see it in person, too.

neondragon's picture

What a wonderful sculture and paint job. I would love to see this in real life to be able to view all that detail in 3d Wink

faemich's picture

I nearly groaned out loud, Derek! But the pun is wonderful, and it really fits, doesn't it?

faemich's picture

It means a lot that you took the time to view my work. I'm glad you like it.

hendercrazy's picture

I like the diverse subject matter you cover with your work. Really nice fantasy feel here. Sorry about that pun on the title! :^)

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Thanks for the comment you left at my gallery ! New stuff is on its way,it just needs to be scanned.As for your work,it's gorgeous.'Nuff said !

Art at its best.