Leather chick! by valkyrie

Leather chick!

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 07, 2001
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An illo I did for a good friend seeing as how I dubbed her a leather chick. *grin*

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Well, that's a name that gets my attention!! Smile (I also like the image too!) I especially like your background effect here, amd the face is particularly well done. Though I think the back and neck, as well as the trousers, could've done with a little more work to bring them up to par with the rest - but well done!

peters's picture

Your work is always so beautiful, and I admire the textures in your pieces. The leather looks so real, and I love her spiky hair and her exquisite little face.

socar's picture

Woo, leather! Nice outfit, there--I think the expression on her face is the best part, though. She looks like she's casting her gaze down on someone as though to say "I'm MUCH too good for you!"

valkyrie's picture

Thank you Marilyn, yes I agree with you about the neck... necks don't stay smooth and silky when turning on a hard angle, they wrinkle..especially in a quick surprised way! Thanks for visiting and lovely comments! ^_^

blueunicorn's picture

I don't agree with Dean ( sorry ). On the contrary this one is the best of your people. Her pose is relaxed and natural. She doesn't look as if she's been posed. You can tell right away she's turned quickly and is greeting someone she likes. You have a wonderful gallery here, Marie with art well worth stopping by to see. Thanks for visiting mine.

valkyrie's picture

Christine, cooo.. thanks for the lovely warm reception, I surely hope you do, your work is awesome! Let me know what happens! Smile

valkyrie's picture

Hey Daniel, thanks for the welcome, ohh strawberries.... (opens mouth...) Laughing out loud


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Marie! You got a gallery here too!! YAY I have been missing you since Elfwood closed. ^_^ I applied for a gallery as well, I hope my stuff is godd enough to get in. O_O;;; Anyways, I LOVE this pic! The way you did the leather is incrediable, it looks so real! I wish I had your skill at shading...her hair is great too, and that expression...hehe I just love it. Another great piece!

sdeanbloom's picture

Love this one. Although there appears to be something wrong with her neck and shoulder blades and back. Regardless, I truely love it!

beswick's picture

Welcome to Epilogue, Marie. I've always liked this one, I really love the expression on her face. It makes me want to throw soggy strawberries at her, for some odd reason.

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