Repute of the Dragon by gecky

Repute of the Dragon

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jun 02, 2003
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I decided to call this "Repute of the Dragon" because this is how dragons seem to always be portrayed... vicious, evil, whatever-breathing, etc. *shrugs* Photoshop + Wacom

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muy original, felicitaciones

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absoulutly astonishing!! you really have captured the feeling of the dragon and its altitude. it really stands out from most pictures i've been looking through on this site, i must say, its the one thats caught my eye the most! keep up the good work -xXx- Nicky

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This picture is undiscribable by words,(sorry can't spell) I was just looking over this site for dragon's (I';m in love with them) and when i came across this picture I was speechless. You truly have an amazing talent and I hope that one day I might be able to pull something as insane as this off. You've inspired me to get back into my drawing, I thank you for posting this.

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Wow i thought myfriend was good at drawing dragons but this totaly vaporizes his art. nice job!!!

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Give us a link to a larger version of this PLEEEEEEEEEZE! Thank you Smile

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cool.Totaly aswome work, gotta love the altitude feeling, falling and falling,fallinggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ehhm,whatever

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i think the wings are awesome the way u can see the veins and stuff. awesome job.

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That is so beautiful. I love the blue tone, and the moon through the wing.


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i love the monochromatic feel, and how the position of the clouds add to the movement.

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wow I love this picture...really great Smile

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If I didn't know any better, I'd say this were a picture of a real dragon. Wink

williamli's picture

yah, i'm a fan of yours Wink
that translucency in the wings and cloud rims is excellent. the reflecting water is a nice touch as well.

isenho's picture

the landscape and environment is amazing.

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Thats beautiful. I wish I could draw dragons like that.

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you've done a really great job. I love how the moon's glow reflects off the dragon. The texture of the clouds are detailed too. It looks very good.

megaflow's picture

I just realized I'd looked at this before but not commented... it's wonderful! The various types of glows and reflections seem to be what it's all about, along with sweeps of motion. More "fine art" (a picture about techniques) than illustration (about the story) in that respect.

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Extraordinary work, and very naturalistic. I'd of not been able to tell it was digitally rendered.

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Great pic Judy!! can't decide if I like the dragon more than the landscape!both are great!!

socar's picture

Yay! Congrats on the editor's pick, Judy! I didn't approve this one, but if I had, I'd totally have picked it, too. Well-deserved. All the work you put into it really paid off. Loving the wings and the mouth especially.

twopynts's picture

Deceptively simple, yet complex at the same time. A very powerful piece. Thanks for sharing.

k-t-roo's picture

i love this, i love the reflection of the moon off its wing, and the veining of the wing over the moon. this is how ive always tried to draw dragons but never got right. i am not surprised its an editors pic. well done!

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Wonderful Geck, it turned out beautifully Smile!!

gecky's picture

Very little, Marley. The wings are referenced slightly from bat wings, and for the transparency I was sort of thinking back on how balloons looked if you looked through them to see light behind. Smile

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oops!that was my comment below! still it gives me another chance to say, totally marvellous work!

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I must have been in Limbo when this was posted! gotta browse more! your atmosphere here has such a feeling of space and altitude, love that beautifuly solid Dragon gliding effortlessly in the night sky, great landscape, your dark colours have made it seem so forboding and ominous! I am so glad you got a much deserved Editor's pick!

thrax-1's picture

wow!!.thats just awesome,really.the light through the wing is most impressive.Is there any form of reference in this piece at all judy? far out just beauty!

aragorn's picture

A well deserved editor's pick. The lighting is fabulous, and yes this dragon does look very sinister and evil. Congrats on a very nice piece.

draeger's picture

I really love this work of yours. Monochromatic works well here, and you've captured that perfect blend of detail in the right spots, and leaving the rest to the mind..

yrindale's picture

That is absolutely gorgeous work there, usually we see blue's give off almost a somber tone yet this time it seems to bring out the dragon more..especially the highlighting. Thank you for putting this up Smile

gecky's picture

Hmmm, I'm still experimenting with the whole prints thing, Patrick. I'm kind of thinking this won't print all that well either since it's so blue and dark. Oh well, I'll figure it out someday.

Art at its best.