Tribal by hobgoblin


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Added: Jul 08, 2001
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Really a study into the human body and lighting, given a context it became a finished piece of work.

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very nice...

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I agree the top does not matter. But I really think she would look better topless just for the tribal look. Know what i mean? It would really look great from that huntress pose.

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This is a beautiful painting Simon..
It's your world, not Burger King, do it your way Smile
looking forward to seeing more
Best of luck, Dianne

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nothign wrong with that bra top which aint a bra, this is art. its up to the artist what he dresses his characters up with. its a nice peice of garnement which matches the bottom area well . awesome pic btw.

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i think ridiculos is a bit harsh. A piece of leather stitched together makes a top. the fact it looks like a bikini top is neither here nor there. Who's to say this isnt a post apocalyptic piece where people actually know what a bra is. Its my head and my image, if she's got a bra looking top then so what, it doesnt ruin the piece of work. Im not being overly defensive here, i just dont see how it 'ruins' the work. I dont mind feedback like Peters, but Ajax you're too harsh man.

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I see that 'Ajax' was of the same opinion. I wouldn't go quite as far as 'ridiculous', but otherwise we concur.

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This is a terrific picture beatifully done. Just one 'ouch' - the bra. Although beautifully drawn it is wrong for this picture. Should it be there at all? I think not, but even if it should, such an intricate garment does not match the (very nice) loincloth.
Keep doing them, Simon, they are good.
P.S. I liked 'Sky' too, and thought the stone work very nice.

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Great picture ruined by the bikini top which is little short of ridiculous for this subject

Art at its best.