Flameshadow Dancing by k-t-roo

Flameshadow Dancing

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Artwork Stats
Added: Apr 01, 2003
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a character from my story, Flameshadow, a member of the spirit herd. it was originally a sketch done in burnt sienna pencil, but when i scanned it i played around with it alot until it is as you see it now. i really like this pic, i think he looks alive. no reference was used for this image. please do not use this pic without my permission

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About once a month, I start looking around for a new desktop picture. This month I came across your posted artwork and knew I had found what I wished for. So now, every day I start up the compy, your unicorn will be there for me to admire. So glad you posted for us all to see what beautiful work you do.

isenho's picture

hello my budding young artist! I like the colors and the technique for the background. nice anatomy on the head

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WOW!!!!!! This has got to be the most beautiful unicorn art I have ever seen!! Absolutly beautiful!!!

k-t-roo's picture

thanks marilyn. i look foreward to seeing your new wrok too:)

k-t-roo's picture

thanks JP, its always lovely to get any comment from you.

k-t-roo's picture

thanks you, it has grown, but i am thinking of taking down my older pieces as my new ones are so much better.

jcmao's picture

Hey Katy Smile. I decided I'd check up on your gallery and my how it's grown! You really do a wonderful job with animals and this piece is fabulous- there's an awesome mix of drama yet peace. Or that's what I see, anyway- Keep it up! You do lovely pieces.

vengince's picture

beautiful piece Katy, when I first saw your work I thought wow shes good at her age! but now hell your good for any age, your developing into a great artist, very happy to see this over the years here at epilogue.

blueunicorn's picture

Beautiful piece, Katy! I love the body hair too. Wonderful pose. Keep them coming!

tirakah's picture

He does look very alive - particularly for being worked without reference. Love the eye and the way you render hair

devilry's picture

Lovley horse! The face is especially well painted. All your equines look great, very powerful and graceful. Judging by their number, I guess you must love to draw horses as much as I do! Smile

k-t-roo's picture

thank you. ive been doing studies of horses recently, anatomical studies of veins and working on getting the legs better. i got lent some fantastic photos from a good freind of mine that helped me with the muscles too.

frodo's picture

Wonderful work! Katy...especially since, I can see you havn`t used any photo reference ...(not that there is anything wrong with using PhotoRef)

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This is a beautiful equestrian composition! The softness of your rendering is really great, you've instilled a great majesty and power to this unicorn, and I think your knowledge is partcularly remarkable to be able to do some of the finer details without reference. Great work, keep it going!

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