Rage of the Stormdancer by k-t-roo

Rage of the Stormdancer

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Added: Jun 29, 2003
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"Slickwind galloped, searching for the white colt that he had been ordered to kill. It was dark and the rain lashed his eyes. He slid to a halt, slipping on the wet ground he blinked and scanned around. He heard a creature in front of him, the snorting angry breaths, and the stamp of hooves. A streak of lightning arched the sky and his heart clenched in terror as before him he saw a stallion as black as obsidian. A stallion he thought long dead, whose heart-mate he had taken, and whose red eyes glinted angrily with burning malice in the stormlight, and whose dark horn slit the air, sharp as a knife."

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rita's picture

Katy - this is so wonderful. You are not only a pencil artist - you handle this digi-medium as well Smile

Guest's picture

its simply breathtaking i can't find any other words to describe it

tigerzi's picture

Wow, this is absolutely stunning. The character nad feeling you've put into this is amazing. I *love* your use of light and darkness, too, and the way the lightning seems to bleed and meld into him. Breathtaking! You're incredibly talented, I'm in total awe!

paulad's picture

i think that u already know that i really admire your art - u can feel the nature of horses. I spend most of my time with them and everyone thinks that soimehow it has a influence on drawing, and theyre right, when you think of great artists who painted horses u can tell who was in love with them and who just painted them couse they were nice topic. er...yes...tat was a long comm

Guest's picture

uh... WOW!

julchen's picture

Katy your horses are truly amazing!
- As is the dynamic and lightning in this pic - great work!

k-t-roo's picture

thanks, the narrative is part of my story, i shall have to draw the final encounter of Slickwind and Tenual as this came out so well

somerset's picture

Aw, Katy! the lighting in this is amazing, gives your figure a great dramatic feeling, lovely movement!..oh! and I enjoyed your narattive also!

Art at its best.