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Added: Jun 30, 2003
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"Shovan twitched in his sleep, he remembered the cage, the iron bars that burned him if he so much as touched them. the humans that came and stared at him in his captivity, he remembered the fear and terror as the man had bound him with ropes and forced the terrible cold steel into his mouth, and he remembered the screams of pain as he had fought against the steel. that was when he had been driven mad, an insanity that had lasted his whole life from when he had killed to escape that dreadful prison" an illustration from my story, explaining why this unicorn turned mad. you cant see his horn anymore it got lost when i cropped the picture down, but it was there. drawn from a photo taken of a freinds horse(who was being wormed at the time and didnt like the worming paste)

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such emotion in the eye. i'm constantly trying to get emotion into eyes when i draw i can never seem to accomplish it and make it look the way i want it too

Guest's picture must have horses to be able to capture the feeling so realistically...I am so jealous...

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It's kind of haunting. Amazing that one eye could hold so much emotion. I like it.

k-t-roo's picture

hey thanks marilyn! i love your unicorns too.

k-t-roo's picture

yeah i thought the photo was good when i took it, it nearly got thrown out too on account of being too dark. eyes are always expressive, horses especially so.

blueunicorn's picture

This is so full of emotion, Katy! You know how much I love your horses and unicorns. This one is right up there in my books!

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Wow, Katy...very powerful. That one eye is just so expressive, you don't need to see the whole face to see the pain.

Art at its best.