Final confrontation by k-t-roo

Final confrontation

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Added: Oct 23, 2003
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this picture is for my challenge in the forums, but it is also a scene from my story, a final fight between the outcast black unicorn and the tyrannical white unicorn, driven insane when he was captured by humans
"They fought uncaring of the unicorns who stood watching in silence. This was the primal love of the fight as the stallions danced and struck. Thought became irrelevant, it was about blood and bone, deep pain and strength, the will to survive.
Blood stained bone white hide and shone slick on shimmering black hide as the stallions roared, grappling with legs and biting deep with chisel like teeth, deep red running down the spirals of bloodied horns."

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xamtovach's picture

woaw. I mean : mega-woaw. I mean : giga-woaw and even tera-woaw.

you sure know how to draw a horse : might and beauty!

k-t-roo's picture

thanks. this is quite a sad end in my book to one of the unicorns. its the penultimate scene. niether of them are truly evil, but the white one was driven insane by humans.

blueunicorn's picture

The lighting in this one enhances the shattered feeling we get watching the two unicorns battle. It's as if it should only be done in the shadows and mists of a forgotten valley........

j-art's picture

just wonderful - you are such a talented young girl - way to go

frodo's picture

Ouch!...there really going for Katy..great picture...

Guest's picture

Excellent work..And interesting sounding story^_^ ~Twiztid~

Art at its best.