Dark Majesty by k-t-roo

Dark Majesty

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Artwork Stats
Added: May 27, 2004
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*the snow crunched underhoof as the dark unicorn trotted forwards. his breaths blasted, snorting into the air and muscles rippled under his thick, shimmering hide."
Who said unicorns have to be white? this is a character in the book im writing.

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Sorry magic.

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This is beyond beautiful, it is majestic and when you look at it you get a sense of magig.

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This one is my favorite, they are all awesome. Love the unifrogs lol

k-t-roo's picture

thank you *hug*

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I can't believe you have so many more in your gallery since I last visited!! This one is truly majestic! Of course, all your horses have a magic about them.

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Beautiful! Very well done!

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just wonderful. it's done so well.

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This is my favorite of all your artwork. It is so realistic! He looks so noble. He looks like the lord of the unicorns. If he was lighter in color, a light steel grey and had no horn or beard he would be my Shadowfax. I also like the new black unicorn eyes/dark eye a lot. Great job never stop drawing. C.Miller

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heh thanks Jillian, no worries about the email, im like that myself.

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Hi Katy. I'm so sorry for never replying to your email (yet again, I know. I feel awful Sad But please, please make sure you don't take it personally. I swear it has nothing to do with you...I'm like this with EVERYONE I try to keep in touch with via email. I put off replying until I have time to write a good reply...and then more emails come, pushing the email out of view...and since I'm such a scatterbrain, I forget.) Anyway, I've been checking your gallery here now and then to see if you've updated though, And now you have, yay! Your greyscale pieces are always so stunning. And you paint your unicorns so realistically, yet always manage to give them character and expression. In other words...awesome work as usual Smile There's something about this guy's pose that I really like...I think it's the way he's holding his head.


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thanks terry. actually i did use a bit of reference for this, but it was a photo i took myself. he is based on a local friesian stallion. hes been altered a fair bit though as i drew him.

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thanks john! much appreciated.

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really neat!Katy.. especially since you didn`t use any photo reference for this...

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Very nice !

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Wow, I'm usually not into Unicorns, but this one kicks ass! Beautiful painting Katy.

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Really nice unicorn, very strong looking, well done!

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Beautiful work as always Katy !! love your horses and this one looks ready to jump out of the screen its so well done !!

Art at its best.