Grund: Calm Before The Storm by kyri

Grund: Calm Before The Storm

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 14, 2001
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Your paintings are jaw dropping and very amazing. This image makes me want to know more about it. Is there a story to this one and are there others that tell more of the story?

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Den perimena na vrw ellinida na einai toso kali se tetoia douleia. Edyposiastika! Kali douleia.

kyri's picture

Hi Christiana, thanks! I'm glad you like it! Smile You know, I did this one so long ago now, I can't really remember how long it took...I would think probably a couple of days tho. It started from a pencil sketch of one of the characters and evolved fom there. How's your mum, dad and little Nicholas? Please say hi to them all from me. Smile

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Me likes this one Kyri!!!! How long this take u to do?! xx

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your work is awesome,this ones really cool

kyri's picture

Thank you Linda Smile No your not wrong about that, I go there occassionaly. Smile

enayla's picture

Hey, this is definitely my favourite of yours =] I recognise you from Sijun... or am I wrong?

Great choice of colours and very nice mood, here. Awesome shading =)

kyri's picture

Dean, Christiaan, Tasha, Anna thank you very much. I think they're off down the pub next to get wasted Tongue

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Hmmm...I wonder what's gonna happen next ? Smile Amazing musculature...Like Schwarzenegger from Hell...

iscalox's picture

I like, I like!

Very cool style indeed, I like the soft glowing colours of the background. Great work!

caitmf1's picture

mam ur work is damned impress ive is i do say so, awesome musculature, wow.

sdeanbloom's picture

Great work. Love the shadows. I personally like your colors better than BROM's. I find his stuff a little too pastel(colortone wise) looking.

kyri's picture

Christine thanks, Brom is a fantastic artist and I love looking at his work, so it's more than likely I was inspired
by him with this. I haven't seen Darkwerks yet, I need to check that
out, and I agree about the great composition with his works.I still need a lot of work in that area, along with backrounds I think. I have submitted more stuff along with the others so maybe they'll show up soon Smile

Jean-Pierre thank you Smile

vengince's picture

Nice image I like the colors and mood to it,good drawing on the guy chracter espcially on the arm and guantlet.

griffingirl's picture

Very Brom-y...but I like Brom. Have you seen Brom's Darkwerks? It's a kick-ass compilation of his stuff, and he has a lot to teach about composition. Wish you had more pieces in your gallery, but I'm sure, that will come....

Art at its best.