Slayer by kyri


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Added: Feb 26, 2002
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Slays things. Smile

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to be honest, that was my first impression, too. but nonetheless i have to admit: this is a great piece of art.

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lol.... looks like marilyn manson


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When u see a painting at a first glance and u think that it is digital and then you realise that it is done with a tradintional way or , when u see a traditional painting and then y realize that it was done digitally, that is Great Art.Whoever artists, do with this way, are Extremely good.And u r belong to them.Congratulations, i don't have to say anything else.*klik%2

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Finally, a female warrior wearing actual armor. Thanks.
And great work by the way, love the picture.

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you are amazing

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i love the painterly style of your works.i quite often take a gander at your works,they are very impressive Laughing out loud

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Just absolutely incredible artwork. I was so taken by the realism and mood, that I created a freefrom roleplay character based on the depiction. I've been swamped by people asking "Wow, awesome pic!" Of course, I'm like "Give Kyri the credit, he painted it! I thought I'd post the character here, for Kyri's benefit.
What is Death, to you? Is it that quiet silence that comes from solitude, when you question whether or not you exist? Is it the glimpse of pain in another's eyes, and knowing that you were the cause? Or, is it when you feel cool steel parting the flesh of your back and you turn to see your best friend?
Death has taken a new visage. In it, it has twisted the pure beauty of a virgin and bent her purity until it screamed. The blameless sight of one not yet touched, warped beyond merit of shame alone. She yet lives, trapped within an inescapable prison of her own body, seeking death and daily having it flee from her.
What can be said of her fate? Was it fate that handed this heart her life? Was it fate that looked on, silent, as her humanity departed from her? Did fate let her be corrupted in body, but remain sound in mind? Why must she witness the things she now does? Why is her torture unending?
She is continually raped by the dark. Always it lingers about her, softly caressing her form, draping its fingers softly about her face. It toys with her raven hair, wisping it aloft and ever whispering in her ear. It revels in her image, loving the damned soul she is.
But her image is not one to be loved. The soft, flawless skin of her youth is long gone, unretrievable. Now her skin is corrosive to the very touch, a putridly acidic mask of the sickly undead. The abomination that is her body is covered by the steel of the dead, forged in the ranks of the Damned. The same paladins which opposed her legion provided her garb. As a human, she never could have borne the sections of the crazed armour. The massive plate ever keeps her sword from her heart, the same sword with which she had once fought so hard against the fate she was dealt. The same sword now seeks to bring more to her new race, her new identity.
Inner strength alone cannot break her chains of her curse, nor will strong magics. For this curse was one of the Queen of the Damned herself, one that will be upon her head for the eternity to come.
If she had eyes, they would tell of the horror which is her life, scream in insanity at the existence which is hers. But layers of her cursed flesh veils any emotion which may have been seen, sealing shut the windows to her tormented soul. The only certain thing one may see about her is that she has long been dead. The secret things which lurk inside may never pass those blackened, diseased lips. For when the Undead speak, the mortal flee.
But she may one day speak. If that day occurs, beware her voice. Beware of the pained, labored effort for rotten lungs to press forth words. Beware the effort of the lips to move, to break the sick crust that has long been on them. Beware when the raw stench of her forever dead body issues forth with her strained words. Those who hear the stark whisper of the Damned may soon find themselves one as well.

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This is great I love the painterly style....

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this metal has such a hard, dangerous feel. (as it should). Very somber and deadly serious greys. Almost everything has a dusky sliver look to it.

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Walt, Sara thank you. Smile

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wow... thats... thats... REALLY wonderful!! the armor is so very impressive.

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Man! I really love the painterly look and those subdued earth tones! It's so raw and substantial! Great job!

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Jhoneil, Rafal and Mark thanks!

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Beautiful piece Kyri, suitably grim mood and style. Great expression and a wonderful 'loose' feeling to the rendering.

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yeah, I really like your style and technique.

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wow this is just nicely executed...

Art at its best.