Map of the lands of Varholm by pil

Map of the lands of Varholm

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Added: Jul 17, 2001
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This is the map of Varholm, made in Citadel Colour acrylics (commonly used for painting miniatures Smile.

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Looks great! I use Citadel color for figures too. Nver painted something that large with them as they are a little pricy for volume. I guess the ideal vacation spot would be the penisula west of the Hostile Tundra. the waters between the Burning Sea and the Frozen Sea should be just right! Looks great! Good job!

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He, you know, I did consider the teabag method, but then decided I'd rather stick with the paints, less mess, and better control. The edges were done in plain paints (and inks) too, and though the irregularities are less convincing than burning, it offers more control (again) and it doesn't fall apartas easily Smile. Sorry to disappoint you but it's not really a treasure map (though you're welcome to search for it anyway Wink). This one also got pretty stiff, but that all adds to the parchment feel (although you can feel quite disillusioned when you find out the other side is a plain, chlorine bleached white Wink).

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excuse the silly title.. This is really cool. I used to make maps for Roleplay and in order to get that faded feel I would get strong paper and rub a wet teabag on it, lol, then I would burn the edges of the paper slightly. It really worked (except the paper would get stiff if the teabags were too wet) This picture brings back memories Smile

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