Magician from the East by ebrian

Magician from the East

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Added: Aug 22, 2001
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He is my first character, a dragon magi. he can summon the souls of the dragons. A powerful figure.
I wanted it to be a fantastic fantasy painting, but it turned out to be some thing like Anime.
Anyway, I worked long time on it.
Hope you like it:)

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That's your first character? Very impressive for a first. I like it.

Actually i stumbled across here looking for the name of that Naya cartoon that a cpl other peopel have mentioned. Funny how your picture seems to be the only place that mentions it.

Anyway if you know the name could you drop me an email with it? I'd be ever so grateful. Thanks!


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You are looking for information about Nacha cartoon movie? If you can leave your email address here, I'd like to look for more information for you:)

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Sorry, I got confused... and my english is not very good. Anyway, I don`t know exactly how I came to this page, I was just searching information about this Nacha cartoon that I saw many years ago. (I seem to be the only spanish child that got in shocked with that little boy). I would thank you a whole world if you could help me with the company o dvd productor that could distribute the film. At leat, the tittle and the author. Thanks a lot.

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no offence, but your dragons remind me of the thundercats symbol. can't be a bad thing.

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oooh. scary

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I came acroos this piece via "Random",i think'cool new piece'.I see it was submitted nearly two years back *XP.DOULP!!.This has great movement Lai,i really appreciate his looks great

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The boy is called ¡°Nacha¡±, and that cartoon is the best Chinese cartoon I've ever seen, though it is made 20 years ago. (What do we have now?)
Perhaps the same thing is happening to me. I painted this magician one year ago, but have you seen my most recent works-- the merman, the medusa? I keep revising them, but I am not satisfied at all¡ªthey really look bad. I don't seem to be improving or get new creativity, and I can¡¯t develop my style. Perhaps I really need some basic training in painting. And thank you, I won't give up what I like.

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I remember a chinese cartoon with a little boy called Naya (? I think..) who was reborn as a warrior inside a flower. Have you seen it? Your style is already a development over it, but you have to see the images move - so smooth!

what else can I do to inspire you?
:S don't give up

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Thank you, Christos.
I want to develop this style, but I seemed to be losing my inspiration.

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I find your traditional-looking style very inspirational. and this is my favourite of your work

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I love this image SO much! It's clean and controlled, very decorative but not too much. It conveys a sense of building power, about to explode forth.
And the magician is very handsome, too, which is nice. Wink

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Thank you Smile

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This is an excellent piece of work. I like it a lot.

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I took a condsiderable mount time on it, I am really glad you enjoy it.

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Ah! The full picture has a lot of impact! There is a wonderful flow and vibrant intensity about it. The movement of the dragons is superb. Another great piece!

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Thanks Jeff,Smile I really want to creat some picture of Chinese character, but it seems I have a long way to go.
BTW, this pic has a Chines name--èµÁúÎÞ»Ú£¬which means Dragon with no Regret. hehe

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I like this one a lot Smile. The black background really offsets the other colors and the figure, and his form is very concentrated... the dragons, the simplicity and effects of light and wind are very cool. Nice!

Art at its best.