Angelian: From the soul of the world by angelian

Angelian: From the soul of the world

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 22, 2001
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22 and a half hours work....

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this is absolutely gorgeous and it will never be anything but absolutely gorgeous. ignore the other negative commenters (remember the stairway to heaven is a big fat lie and the folks climbing it got where they were on the heads of those they crushed below them!) and listen to me, as if you thought i had a brain in my head worth paying attention to. best advice i could ever possibly give you (don't say i never did anything for ya).

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Alright..first off, a comment about the picture. It is lovely, in most respects, but the anatomy is slightly off. She looks as though her chin is thrust upward at an incredibly painful angle. I am not personally insulting you, the artist, by saying this. Should my art be off, I would prefer to have someone tell me and learn from mistakes. It is not always easy to see faults with your own work. Second, a comment to the person who commented before me. Do not unsult other users of Epilogue. They have as much right to voice their opinion. I am not a member of Epilogue only because I don't have a scanner. If I wanted to say that this picture was horrible(which it is by no means) then I can.It's a little thing called the Right of Free Speach. And, just a friendly little suggestion, if you want to sound intelligent while telling someone off, don't forget to spell correctly and use the correct punctuation. Torri.

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IN the hell is that thing ahead of me talkin about if it produces some works let it talk if not say grate work and shut the ell up THINGS THAT BABBEL LIKE THEY GET PAID TO DO IT PS MOST EXCELENT WORK MAN TO HELL WITH THE CRITTICS LATER HEADCASE:-)

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The bottom half of the face, from the nose down, is too heavy for the top half. It gives the impression of this enormous jaw and chin. In fact the lower jaw is thrust forward too much. It's a shame, because you've done commendable work on the wings and body.

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I love this picture. Beautiful skin tones. I'm not a member of Epilogue yet. I hope my work can someday be this good.

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I'm sitting here practicing for All-state, and I'm managing to drool all over my instrument, I'm sure that can't be good for it. Any who, I love this piecie too. As a matter of fact, it sat on my desktop for about a month and half, if not longer....Smile

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I think the angels arising from water theme is neat and novel; a nice topic to explore, because both wings and water are always challenging and interesting to draw/view. But this one looks a little as though she is stuck in lucite; the water would clearly be rippled in this instance. Just a thought...

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Ooooh I didn't know you had an Epilogue gallery? You must've joined recently huh? I don't remember seeing you when I looked through all the artists a month ago. Anyways, I LOVE this picture still, it had to be my favorite of your works. It's still astounded at the results you get with pencil. The idea behind this is very deep as well. Keep up the great work, and hope your move doesn't keep you away too long!

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