Fangorn the Ent by elwing

Fangorn the Ent

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Added: Jul 23, 2001
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A character from the Lord of the Rings. Painted with a wacom tablet in Fractal Dabbler, and finished in Corel photopaint

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Your art is wonderful. Or at least, I really like it. Keep it up Laughing out loud

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I would like to use this art as the illustration for a fake Magic card of mine. I won't be making any money, I just want the card to have great art. Is this request viable?

Email me: norrytt at gmail .dot. com

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As others have already said, this is a different interpretation of Fangorn, but much closer to Tolkien's "old man of the forest"-type Ent. Wonderful job, you have great talent and an eye for detail. This ranks with that of the great Tolkien artists- Hildebrandt, Howe, Nasmith. I say again: Wonderful.

-as an aside, directed to the nameless guests of 2004-06-23 and 2004-01-22, Fangorn *is* the name of the Ent, as well as the Forest.

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i love how you've captured this, he looks beautiful and majestic- exactly what treebeard is! Smile

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yeah,being a tolkien enthusiast i have to correct you.the ents name is Treebeard and he lives in the forest of Fangorn.nice picture tho!!

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Very well drawn, but Fanorn is the name
of the FOREST, not the Ent!

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Thats more like it Cool I didn't like the way Treebeard was in the movie. This one fits far more better Cool

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nice. he's watching in a very funny way. nice composition

bart aka Johannes

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i havent read the books but i no that it proably is like a mirrior image of the ent that jrr tolkien must have imagained!keep up the god work,your greatest admiarer,becky

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WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its like u where there (in the book)and saw wut each character looked like!your work is abso;utly fab!OMG I ENVY U!!!!!!!!

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Beautiful! It's amazing to see how other artists interpret the same scene so differently! Even though I personally didn't picture Treebeard this way, I think it fits Tolkein's description perfectly. He looks kind, yet troubled, and very slow-natured. I've seen a lot of Treebeards that look so quick-tempered and angry, and I don't think that fits his persona at all! Yours is wonderful!

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in english--->umh everything I wonna say have all the others already said,sory for my bad english,I know.....well i see already that you are interested in tolkien,me to!

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I love it! The colors are wonderful and the image you have created is outstanding! I really like the long thin old look of this one.

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Love the details and colors.
I am fascinated by his extraordinary long fingers.
Great piece.

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I don't know what a ent is, but I think this is a beautiful picture and a great piece of digital art.

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interesting concept... I always imagined Treebeard to be huge and strong, which he should be to carry 2 fat hobbits thousands of Ent-strides, right? in any case, it's a wonderful piece, though I still don't think it fits the character very well... keep up the good work!

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i love ents, beatuiful and the colours of this perfecly match th meeting of treebeard with merry and pippin.

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absultly wonderful...

Art at its best.