The Guide to Middle-Earth part 1 by elwing

The Guide to Middle-Earth part 1

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Added: Jul 23, 2001
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This picture was done for the new help section of, a site I work for as staff artist. It was intended as slightly silly. Ink on paper, computer colored.

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Oh geez, that's cute! I likes Legolas's facial expression...And they Don't look like in the movie! This is a good thing.

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hehehehehhe... absolutely brilliant, this is comedy and art fused together, at it's greatest feat yet!

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I like the coloring and the way you really show the differences in the two. Legolas is my faveorite character from LOTR and I can hardly find any good pictures of him. Overall great job!

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So apparently males couldn't follow directions in middle earth either? Huh, fod for thought. Very clever and witty, I love the expresisons on their faces.

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hey! this is on the newbie section help guide on, congrats man!

great posture here, it's cool!

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wow nice work.
in case of my bas english i don't find any words to describe it. it's just great. great charakters (i.e. great pictures of the ideas tolkien gave us) a very nice map - very nice colors there.
sorry, i don't find words. just great Smile
great ink great colo!

Bart aka Johannes from germany

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i love it, 'cause this is actually the only pic i found in the net where legolas and gimli are TOGETHER..
i think of them as a team, so it's great to see finally a pic where they are together.. and it looks great too. Smile

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Oh... the Elf and my dear Dwarf together there... *blink* I love those two. The the color tones, their sizes, those expressions.. oh, all briliant! And really funny too. Lovely and nicely detailed. Smile

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Wow, I love it! It's a very funny pic, I love how confused they look! Smile

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this is awesome! I really like how you depicted the characters! the map is comical almost...

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HEHEHEHEHE...that picture is so funny, and Legolas is sooo cute!!

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I really like this pic. It's! I love how you did the stark contrast between Legolas and Gimli, showing that one's rougher and more brash, while the other is an adventurer (at least, Leggy is to ME) but still wants to keep up his style and higher dignity. I think you captured that really well in this little piece of art, and also made it humourous as well! Good job!

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wel als ge de film van lord of the rings hebt gezien vind ik da ge dit zonder een ander tekening na te apen(zoals ik vaak doe)goed gedaan,allé goed da is nog zacht uitgedrukt,vergelijk het met de drukkende hitte van mt.doom maar dan goedaardig he!!!!

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That's really cute... You have a great sense of humor. Smile

Art at its best.