The Fantasy Artist by zerojinx

The Fantasy Artist

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Added: Jul 01, 2003
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In this piece, I wanted to create the environment in which I feel that I work in as a fantasy fine artist. I stand on a perilous cliff, depicting the fact that I often feel that I have to work twice as hard as others to validate my artwork because it is fantasy. It also represents the solitude that I often find myself working in. He wears a jester’s suit to symbolize the criticism that what I create is foolish and ridiculous, and I wear a mask because sometimes in the face of a critic I have found myself denying what I do just to avoid the argument. Below are three goblins, who point and mock, but at the same time enjoy their own vanity. Behind is a table filled with books that represent the research and reading I have done on the fantastical and also represent my own writings which my art is often derived from. Finally there is the small dragon and the fish which are allegories to two fantasy artists which has touched me and my work, Larry Elmore and James Christensen.

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Hi Michael...
I just had some time to check your site and I do love it...I am a big fan of Lord of the rings myself and I like all the drawings but I do love this one because is different and weird;I also agree with you about working twice as hard as other artists(ex:Royal Accademy of Arts!!!!!!)to validate your artwork...
And never deny yourself to avoid argument but always figth to express your beautifull art and f**k thoose "normal" people!!!!!
Thake care


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I completely agree with what you said about fantasy artists and the criticism they recieve. I hate that more than anything. But whatever those "normal" people think about your work, I think it's wonderful ^.^ Can't wait to see more!

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Your fantasy picture is so nice!
Each little details are very nice,
and what you have write, is interesting

Art at its best.