Alien Ruins by spectra

Alien Ruins

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Added: Dec 04, 2005
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This image is my entry for the Sijun challenge: "Alien ruins". I submitted it with the following description:

"Recent Images transmited by one the U.E.E.P (United Earth Exploration Probes) are quite astonishing! These megalithic structures are apparently ruins of a primitive, but intelligent life form.

These stones show elaborated "hand work" of paths, stairs, tunneling and stone alignments, similar (but much larger) to the menhir alignment found on Earth, at Carnac. The use of these alignments is unclear, but could be a sign of religious behaviors.

Most of the elaborated stone work is present at the top of the monoliths. An interesting comparison to do, is that Earth's creatures who use height for their nesting, do it to escape predators...

There are 2 kind of erosion that can be seen on these solid metamorphic rock. Frist we notice the recent wind and sand erosion, but there is also a strong evidence of water erosion which happend in a much distant past.

The limited sensor of the exploration probe were unable to detect any signs of alien life, but could identify a multitude of living micro-organisms.

A new exploration probe is being built and will be lunched in 3 years to prepare the terrain for a human expedition."

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Thanks Walt!

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What an awesome and mysterious place. Great job.

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Thanks Pierre! I remember that movie... I really enjoyed Forbidden Planet! (BTW: You did very nice scratchboard portrait of Dracula.)

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The piece is great, but reading the little story makes it even more fascinating. I like the way you presented it through a text written like some official report from a United Space Agency. It makes you want to watch the piece and dream for hours about what creatures lived here, what hunted them, and what fate the future manned exploration mission will meet. Reminds me of that old movie Forbidden Planet. Truly powerful.

Art at its best.