Caliph by teaweed


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Added: Jan 10, 2003
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Why is the puppet wearing a gas mask? Why is it holding a giant stuffed bird? What have either of these things got to with 'Caliph'? Damn Polish poster artists, damn you Sam! Damn you!

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It seems as if thats not all of the stroy,the story of the puppet's life.Almost as if the puppet has a strange reason for holdng the bird and wearing the mask

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I have answers my son...mmm... no wait... that was someone else, not me. My interpretation would be that the pupet represents the culture of the XXI century, whilts the bird symbolizes freedom, in the form of stuffed toys with red glowing eyes, but then again... Im damned so I could be VERY wrong, now pass me the ketchup!

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I think it represents love despite problems. The puppet clearly wears the mask so that he/she is able to hug the duck, not as a mere fashion statement. Perhaps the smell of the duck is harmful to the puppet, or perhaps the duck has just farted. The puppet still continues to love the duck despite the fact that the duck smells bad. The duck, being unable to hug back - most likely because it is not in a duck's nature to be able to hug - seems to enjoy the hug in a passive and contented response. Caliph is clearly the duck's name.

In another interpretation, the duck may resemble innocence in a seemingly post-armaggedon type climate. The puppet has been through a difficult process and has returned to the duck for comfort and to escape the realities of his/her present situation.

Art at its best.