Odin by teaweed


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Added: Feb 12, 2003
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Right, the association with norse mythology is superficial but I'm sure he kept a lot of vikings company on long sea voyages. Until he got hungry.

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This picture inspired me to get my first tattoo on my left ribcage. Beautiful piece, the shading really add's character to the doll

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Man, I don't know you, but i adore your work. I wish there was a way I could meet you. Just one conversation over some Earl Grey tea of some sort. Truly, you are amazing.

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in russian "odin" means "one" and "alone"...

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if thast a thingy of death i think i like death Smile.

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cute thingy..OF DEATH!

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He has a secret. And he's laughing at me because I don't know it. Stupid cute thingy.

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gah!! it's brown, it's weird AND it's norse. i especially like the way the wooden planks very simply allude to a viking ship. i think it'd be interesting to see a 'thor' one also.
anyways, i think this one is a really great peice. Cool

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Holy moly. You do good pictures. I keep asking myself, 'why the hell am I only discovering this guy now?' Great to see you're a fellow countyman, aswell.

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oh I love the textures in your work and how dark they are, I am a huge fan of work like this it just amazes me, wonderfull work!

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and it knows where you live!

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Its so.... emotional. I want to run up to it and hug it and then again I want to throw it in the other room so it will stop stareing at me .::Revy

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I like it:) Dark and sad

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Aw, he's cute...in that morbid kinda creepy way.

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hm..i love that cute/dark style you have. just awsome pic

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the subtle colour effect came from painting the entire image in the same palette (brown) and then "tinting" areas with overpainting on a Soft Light layer. I used a Gradient Map layer (b&w) to darken the image. Photoshop is great for things like that.

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So Dark.... I love the colour (or lack there of) looks great! the missing eye is genius.

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Yea it does remind me of john Vasquez or Romane Dirges. The colors work well and that one eye stands out. I think its cute in a dark gothic way. Great painting.

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Yeah, there's definately a bit of Gir in it

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Fun and creepy - reminds me a bit of Jhonen Vasquez.

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That solitary eye...what horrors has it seen?

Art at its best.