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Added: Dec 22, 2001
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"For never woman born of man and maid
Had wrought such havoc on the earth as I,
Or troubled heaven with a sea of flame
That climbed to touch the silent whirling stars
And blotted out their brightness ere the dawn.
Have I not made the world to weep enough?" -Sara Teasdale

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everything, absolutely everything about this is so perfect. i luv it, and keep making pretty elven guys

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This is an outstanding picture, her aura is beautiful.... excellent work

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I absolutly love this picture the flowers are beautiful. I role play and I used this pic for one of my characters and I gave u all the credit this art work is simply....amazing...

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I love!!!!! this pic!!! it is so awesome, I lover her look of grace, the things that catch my eyse are these: the hair!! is it just me or does it look fakey enough to be real!?! did you follow that? and one thing that kinda made me go dang it, was this: the *eh hem* chest aka boobs are a little too perfectly circular, don't you think? but thats just a little thing cmpared to how coo the whole thign is....darn those boobies

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This is so beautiful! This is my favorite of yoru pieces. I wish you had more! I will love you forever if you will post more of your work!

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Beautiful. Nothing else to say...well, exquisite comes to mind.

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Very professional thing.

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It is you that commented in my Elfwood gallery! Congradulations on getting your epilogue gallery, nice piece here. The decorations on her dress look lovely.

Art at its best.