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Added: Apr 21, 2002
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I did this image for the manga contest though, however it's based on some of my crazy ideas. What happens if we mix magic and future technologies? What does this world would look like? There are lot's of questions...

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wow! very cool, very thought provoking. its very inspirational and imaginative. yay!

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I love the perspective on this and you did a great job on the colors.

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@.@ I felt dizzy looking at it fast. i had to tilt my head!LoL! Really realalistic!!^-^

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The perspective gives the image a colossal feel, really vast Smile Great wizard type guy, nice detail there. The general sweeping nature of this piece gives great movement and makes it ever so striking!

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This pic intruiges. End of story. If this were on a book cover, I'd buy it hoping the story could match up to the awesome pic. Then, even if the story was kak, I'd still feel that I'd gotten more than my money's worth from the book just because of the cover.

I don't know what to say to your work any more. I can't comment on your skills because you're way past the point where your skills are even called into question.

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wow very kool.....honestly it looks like the mages off of the final fantasy series...

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your art is excelent.. love the outfit and the theme altogether. Hee could use a futuristic staff/remote/laser though. Beam me up Gandolph? jk
Awesome work keep it up!


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This looks like some of the pictures in my favourite fantasy art books. In other words it is fantastic, but I find myself sitting with my head on one side LOL!

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well what i think is that you can't know anything about how something involved with magic would look like since magic is a concept of braking natural laws and making fantasy reality and although it's in most fictions bound by some laws of magic, those are always different depending on who's fantasy you're looking at, so if magic was to be reality there probably would be no pointy hats and mystic scepters since in our reality that has only served as a substitute of mystisism when the person or object enclothed in this really isn't very mystic.

hehe dang, gotta say something constructive, so what I'm saying is probably that there is no way of knowing how it would be like at all since we don't know what magic would really be like and no guess is better than the other and the best thing is to use your immagination,. hmm dang that just what you've done, hows that for a contradiction hehe.
well your interpretation feels right in some way. really like the clothes of the magician.
would be fun to see more of your images from high tech and magic Smile

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I think it takes about 20-25 hours to complete this painting. Done mainly with Photoshop and Painter. Yeah, this picture I did from imagination without any reference... however if you take a close look you'll see some inspiration from Final Fantasy.

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very nice. how long did this one take you? also, what programs do you use and are you working from you imagination only?

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It's great to see an artist who doesn't stop improving! I'm glad you made it here and feature this nice place with your brilliant artwork, Leo!

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A fantastic combination of Past and Future.Have you seen the "Sliders" TV show ? This looks like a lost time traveler confused by the many strange and magickal things that surround him in this new world.I wonder where his journey will lead next...

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no more to say apart that it deserves its editors pick. colors compo technics : everything rules.

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Wow! This is a beauty! The composition is both bold & powerful.

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This is a feast for the eyes!
For some reason this reminds me of Elric of Melniibone, my all time favorite sorcerer, he too traveled through many distant realms.

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Wow...incredible! The rendering on the ship is incredible...and the figure is nothing short of astounding! I love the many-layered costume you've devised. Definitely a favourite, here!

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Very cool perspective, Leonid. The ship is amazing. This is a fantastic piece.

Art at its best.