We are one by leoarts

We are one

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Added: May 11, 2002
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A friend of mine told me once that anime is all about emotions.

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i love the way the motion in the clothes and the ribions move. and the hair and the facial expressions make me want to go hug my family. its a really good peice of anime. ^_^

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What your friend said is very true. I think, unlike American cartoons that focus on action and the content of the villains and all of that, Anime focuses on the character and that character's heart and how that character's heart and personality affects the world around them. I like this picture a lot. It reminds me of my dad. I'm so glad you posted this. Laughing out loud

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it reminds me of the last thing that happened to me

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NICE work...reminds me the other day the girlfriend and I were grabbing anime and showing each other out of boredome of what out future would be...im seriously gonna have to show her this one!

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awww... so KAWAII!!!^__^ the litle hands on the child! and what you friend said, is true!

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Your picture is sweet, first of all.

Now, for what your friend said. I think all art is about emotions, not just anime, not necisarily portrayed in people's faces, but just the artist venting what they see in life. But this is nice.

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This is spectacular! Its so, well life-like. And not to mention touching!

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hey, Leonid...
I had found your picture Imerion, and drawn it, but never knew who had drawn it. Today, I discovered that it was you. I find her fascinating, and quite mysterious. I actually really appreciate your talent, and hope you create more masterpieces in the near future. See ya!

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This is adorable ! Cant figure out what else to say

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I do like the emotion in this picture and the lack of black lines that so much anime uses. I am not a great fan of anime but will admit an admiration for a piece that is well done.

Could you explain the meaning of the ribbons that are in so much anime please, it really puzzles me?

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Ah that's probably one of the best things I've heard about this pic! Developing your technical skills is a non stop process and you're never satisfied with it. But then someone told you I want be here, be that person this means a lot.

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That friend of yours told you right.
Well, to some extent. The best anime out there is imbued with a lot of emotion. As for this pic, there's a lot that can be said about the skill involved and all that. But I'll put all that obvious stuff aside for a once to say this instead. This pic means a lot to me. I hope to be in that guy's place some day, so basically this pic is almost an embodiment of my dreams.
Thanks for creating this perfect pic.
- KnightGainax

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It's true. Anime has its cannons, but I think that it enriches it, adds to its drama. It's a wonderful medium for expressing emotions, especially with the eyes.

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Wow! Very well done! I love the flow of the fabric...and the emotion. Beautiful!

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never been much for anime but I Like This!!!! GREAT COLORS AND MOVEMENT!!

Art at its best.