In the rain by leoarts

In the rain

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Artwork Stats
Added: Jul 16, 2002
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Originally it was a small pencil sketch of a character's head which I decided to 'tweak' a little on computer.

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It's very visually appealing, but it reminds me of the movie Labyrinth. It looks like you could just pluck the guy's head right off and toss it around. Otherwise, it's awesome. ^.^

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it looks better without clothes

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tht reminds me the bloke from the full metal alchemist

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Nice rain effect, and the buildings are a nice touch.

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*cries at the beuty of your art* T.T soo, beutiful!

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Holy Bajesus!!!
Amazing attention to detail and texture. I can tell that the coat is leather. And the cityscape in the background, the water on the ground...just breathtaking. U R awesome.

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This pic has that kind of moody atmosphere to it. I can't explain why, I'm sure that I'm supposed to think of matrix style things looking at this pic, but it makes me think more of the kind of atmosphere I associate with the aliens movies.

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This rocks. Especially the texture of the coat. I rather like the "big-eyed cryin' orphan" look. It's almost cherubic. It's an interesting counterpoint to the dismal surroundings.

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Beautiful work, Leonid! I especially like the town! Your fantasy is admirable!!! I like very much the light!

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Thanks for all your comments! Well, I'm not an expert in anime style, just a newbie. So I'm tending to render my characters in 'traditional' way instead of flat cel shading. If you didn't noticed it's a girl... oh I still need a lot of work! Thanks and see you later.

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waaaah great picture! i love the whole dark/rain scene, and the coloring is brilliant!

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Excellent work.. very Shadowrunesque. The eyes are great. Is this character male or female?

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Great background and mood. You've really made the city look wet and dreary, yet mysteriously inviting. It's a little odd that the hair looks dry... But it's probably a sudden rainstorm! Wink Really fine work!

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You know, I like everything but the head. The coat, the rain...fabulous. That goofy face...looks like some big-eyed cryin' orphan. But that's anime for ya. *cough*

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heh heh heh. Ironically enough, I like the "tweak" better than the subject matter. I really like the background and the look of the rain. The leather coat is done very nicely as well.

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oooo, sliiiick. Reminds me much of Terada Kazuya's stuff. Love the background!

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I love this little "tweak"!! Smile

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i love it, thats so good that i feel wet

Art at its best.