Ka'Tya - Longing by saskya

Ka'Tya - Longing

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Added: Aug 02, 2001
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Ka'Tya may be immortal, but she is also terribly alone. She longs for the love that mortals seem to so easily feel.

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gorgeous artwork. just one little piece of constructive criticism. the center of her upper lip looks a bit too...plump. forgive me if i'm completely wrong about this - i just thought it looked a little too fat. otherwise, very nice!

saskya's picture

You likely saw it in color at my site, M'lord - I've digitally colored it, and even have some prints of it available as such - but I personally prefer the B&W. This is a favorite of mine as well - the ONLY one of my drawings i have hanging on my wall. It pleases me that you like it as well...

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I am not sure why I saw this piece in colour, or at least remembered it so ... but this is my favourite. I sense in her, a sadness, that longing you mention in the title ... a touch of cynical futility, yet a wistfulness, a spider's silk strand of hope.

Or at least, that is what the piece says to me. A beautiful piece, and I love it Smile (but I love your other work, but this is my favourite. *smile*)

saskya's picture

I wouldn't want to, either. Thank you for the compliment, however. This is one of my favorites and likely always will be.

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My favorite of yours so far, very beautiful, and nice clean line art! I wouldn`t want to trade my mortality with her sadness though...

saskya's picture

Thank you William. I agree - there is a lot of emotion in this piece. What i like about it is that it is rather ambiguous - it is hard to tell exactaly which emotion she feels.

williamli's picture

yes, immortality can do that to you.
beautiful and emotion-rich picture, Saskya. those are the best.

saskya's picture

I am pleased that you were re-inspired by this piece. Ka'Tya means a lot to me, and it makes me smile to know that she and I have been able to encourage you back to your own art - Good luck to you!

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Ka'Tya reminds me very much of a piece i have not finished,and i was drawn to it magnetically.the realm of Faery has held my fascination since i was a little boy and saw my brother in a play called "The Hobbit",though elves played small role in that production.you've renewed my desire to finish the piece, though marred by an ink blot.i haven't sat at my drawing board in a while, as i've been busy w/ my railroad spike dragons i've been creating of late. just wanted to say thank you and would like to see more of your work. j. osborne

saskya's picture

*big grin* Thank you - this is probably THE image that was my turning point to this style of drawing. I think it shall always be one of my favorites.

ralph-manis's picture

Hi Saskya, This is a wonderful image! An excellent use of line, texture and composition. Bravo!

Art at its best.