Agincourt by scarecrow


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Added: Aug 12, 2001
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Agincourt is an original character, he's a cyborg fighter.

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Very atmospheric and about t he last thing I expected given the title!

chimera's picture

What a beautiful pencildrawing! And uhm I think all the positive things are already said here!Smile

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This is such a great picture I love the guy his so cute! I just want to cuddle with him, but that arm is freaky!O_O I hope I don't get on his bad side! Those details are marvulas though. Ever thought of drawing Vampiress?

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your pencil work is amazing hehe, i love the shading and whatnot. youre really talented

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Not bad. values are good. anatomy could use a little work. i suggest some use of line weight or variations in thickness of lines.

Guest's picture

wow! i love this.. all sci-fi and steampunk and kool.

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scarecrow's picture

Zankyu!! My favourite piece actually Smile. And I'd still prefer YOUR name. Baaa. LOL.

jcmao's picture

Heya Smile... Very cool picture... the pencil really works in its favor, and you've done a great job of it :)- the detail and shading, and the background city, wow. Smile. And I still think your name is cool too.

scarecrow's picture

Thank you Oro Smile. Very kind of you~ ^_^.

Guest's picture

I like all of your works, but this is my favorite. I love the sense of emotion.

scarecrow's picture

Thank you so much! Laughing out loud *very happy* Smile

scarecrow's picture

Smile :) Im glad to know that everyone here is positive then Smile. Thank you!! Smile

lockett's picture

There is no need to feel nervous Maria, not only is this an excellent drawing, but everyone here is welcoming and only (in my experience ) give positve comments. Nice picture.

scarecrow's picture

Thank you Kay! Smile. Im actually very nervous of joining Epilogue, hahaha. Im glad you like the hand Smile. Smile.

Guest's picture

Great Background I agree. The hand is what stood out for me. (I notice little things) That is a wonderfully rendered hand! I like this...and welcome to EPI!

scarecrow's picture

Yay, my first picture and my first comment on Epilogue *melts happily* Smile. Thank you!! Smile

iscalox's picture

Wonderful pencil work, yes I agree with the previous comment, great background.

Guest's picture

Congratulations for being Epilogue member =). Those backgrounds are wicked, keep on it!

Art at its best.