The Naiad by archetype

The Naiad

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Added: Feb 07, 2002
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Greek Mythology: Naiads (or Naiades) are nymphs that occupy bodies of fresh water like rivers, lakes, and marshes. The Naiad is intimately connected to her body of water and her very existence depends depended on its survival. If a stream dries up, its Naiad expires. The waters over which Naiads preside are thought to be endowed with magical powers. They are in many ways female sex symbols of the ancient world and often play the part of both the seduced and the seducer.

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At times poser if done well like this can beat the heck out of watercolor for the most part. Art is art. if it's good it's good,..also bad is bad.

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I said you were cool before and then you start to talk about Greek Mythology and now your just great.Oh, the picture is great too.^_^

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Beautiful cover! Great fantasy, I think!!

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The membranes attached to her arms are too cool! She could use webbing between her fingers, too.

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Your Naiad came the same day to Epilogue as my mermaid. I think your water goddess is way more impressive than mine! She is really very beautiful. I love the water-lilies you added to her.

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I think you used poser really well here. She looks like she fits in with all of her surroundings and is actually part of the water, it all blends in nicely. I think it's gorgeous.

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Well I appreciate your honest feedback Adrian. I take it as a high compliment that even though you don’t usually care for Poser artwork, you still found something in my work that you enjoy. I try to do things that are different in a genre that can, at times, be repetitive. I appreciate your comments on all my work!

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One can still smell Poser from a mile, but there`s certainly enough of your own creativity involved here, the Terminator chrome steel frog skin kinda morph effect leaves me in awe! The post rendering job on her hair looks a bit blurred and smudgy if you ask me but that`s just a detail the overall impression makes this one of the better poser pics I`ve seen so far! (of all those thousands to be found on the net) Apologize my snotty tone but this 'hey-I`ve-got-Michael-and-Victoria-now' community isn`t exactly my world Wink

Art at its best.