Secrets and Lies by archetype

Secrets and Lies

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Added: May 12, 2002
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The tangled web: The distortion of reality as the weight of lies compound upon one another. We all lie to ourselves. We all keep secrets.

How many times must a lie be told before you start believing it's true?
How long will it take for that truth to become real?
How much time must pass before that reality becomes unwavering belief?
How many generations are born before people are willing to kill for your lie?

This is how serial killers are born. This is how holocausts are allowed to continue. This is how racism thrives.

All with the power of secrets and lies.

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This is truley remarkable, and I couldn't agree with you more.

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i also thought it was vey much like religion.

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you know its such a shame that when a truly thought provoking pict and statement, spark more responses out of anonymous guests than actual artists. bravo to you Mr. Wadley for standing up and standing out. people create secrets and lies for two sole reasons 1. the easing of their own fears, 2. for CONTROL of those that can do what you can't

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Very nicely done...The story reminded me about religion and the bible..

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I make these kinds of images primarily to spark a debate like this. I'm grateful that I could make something that moved you and appreciate you posting your opinions. Smile

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Why can't we all just be more honest and open with each other? Why must we tell lies and keep secrets? In order to survive? Could it be that we live in a society who's socio-political belief system stifles and crushes creative thought before it even has a chance to bud? No wonder everyone's afraid to be real. But still, although some people are a victim of this corrosive, brain-washed way of thinking, others are purveyors of it, thriving off it's subjugative power, like terrorists. Why do we let people who need help perish? Why can't we be more cooperative, instead of competitive..........
Please forgive the rant, your expressive image moved me..... Smile

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very cool in many ways:)

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I couldn't agree more. I feel that by understanding our own flaws and limitations, we can become better than what we are. At least I hope so.

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That's a very powerful image with an even more powerful statement! Guess we can never escape te web of lies, just like human agression, think it's in our nature. I know, it might be'easy' to think this way but I think that in a way it's true..It's that the one is more resistant to give into this than the other..Life is what you make of it..

Art at its best.