The Future is but Past Forgotten by archetype

The Future is but Past Forgotten

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Added: Jun 25, 2002
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Waiting atop a funerary totem, she forces herself into a dignified pose that belies her sadness. In truth, she is far too young to be in such a final place. She won't start to feel the pangs of the death spiral for another 300 years. And yet it's no accident that she is here, for her own people left her here to be forgotten. All because her mind is quiet. To a species of telepaths, this is a thing to be feared. It stirs up ancient fears of a time when the solitude of thoughts cultivated horrors beyond belief. Their collective minds still hear the dark whispers of the unconscious that almost destroyed their race many millennia ago.

So whether it's out of fear, or something deeper and darker, they abolish one of their own kind because she is different from them. Much like how their oldest ancestors lynched others for no reason more than the color of their skin.

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elneskog's picture

woow...this one is truly great! love it!

Guest's picture

This is powerful stuff Eric, very scary as well, will mankind ever leave their inner fears behind. I love everything about it, it is both sad and wonderful at the same time.

bozenicar's picture

Now THAT is impressing! Congrats!

ingnan's picture

very lovely. nice touch of drama.
i think that perhaps a little more tonal difference in the clouds might improve the image though.
with perhaps a little less detail in the castle/building in the background(especially in it's furthest points).

swisnie's picture

Great image!

svg's picture

Wow.. I like the image and with the story that follows it becomes even better

Art at its best.