love me by archetype

love me

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Added: Jul 08, 2002
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love me
as much as I love you
how much do you love me?
every time we embrace, you cry out in pain
is it because you don't love me?
I knew you didn't love me
why don't you love me?
I need you to love me
love me

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This picture is like the coolest i've seen on Epilogue!!!! it's so cool and awesome! your talent is very brilliant!

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Wow, Eric, you must be, like, the coolest guy ever. To be able to create a women and write about her in her point of view, and express her emotions through your art.And especially coming from a man's mind. That is marvelous talent. Wow!

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looks like an illustration to a fantastic short story, very talented and touching one - unfortunately Ican't translate the title from Russian - there were the scene. Peaple were wandering in fog with slogans "in search of love"

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awww, stupid people! someone already stole my idea about the "hedgehog's dilemma" from Evangelion.. still reminds me of it, though!

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i dont understand how it could be painful to hug her. looking at her body closely all of the thorns and protrusions are in the opposite direction if you embraced her. if anything it would be more protective to be in her arms that it would to be outside of it...... but thats just me.

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hmm... perfect depiction of 'Hedgehog's Dilemma'... reminds me of Evangelion, great work! love the dramatism you managed to achieve with the simplicity of the whole composition... makes you really wanna go and hug her, even if it were rather painful...

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This peice reminds me of the queen of blades (Kerigan) with a little less color.

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" Ouch!" That is one prickly customer, trying to hug her would certainly be a very painful thing to do! It's very good Eric and very deep as well.

archetype's picture

Thank you Marcela. I appreciate that!

twstdrealty8's picture

you ahve a great talent. Amazing piece. Sorrowful.

schlunz's picture

Beautiful shading in the background...I love it!

archetype's picture

There are some mighty-fine works here at Epilogue. I consider that a wonderful compliment indeed!

saznxboy's picture

This has got to be one of my favorite pieces of everything I've seen on epilogue. Nice concept. Actually.. its reminds me of something that might be in Resident Evil.

archetype's picture

I'm familiar with that show, although I'm not sure how this work would remind you of it. Maybe it reminds you of the character Hexadecimal?

virage's picture

This picture/ character reminds me of something from the show "Reboot" I don't know if you've ever heard of it ^_^ I love it alot! Great figures and detail!

Art at its best.