When Dragons Were Real by archetype

When Dragons Were Real

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Added: Aug 06, 2002
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Artwork Description

This image was inspired by the summertime of my childhood. A time when, if I swung as high as I dared and closed my eyes tightly, it felt as if I were flying with the wings of a Dragon. Of course gravity would always manage to grab hold and bring me back to earth, but it could never take that moment, or that feeling away from me entirely.

This was originally created for a Renderosity Magazine cover contest. The theme for the contest was Imagination. I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.

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blueunicorn's picture

I enjoyed your "Predatory" series, but this one touches me. Imagination in a child is so strong. This brings back memories of my childhood.I could enter at will a world almost as real as this one. It was my escape.

Guest's picture

My god. This captures my entire childhood.

thrax-1's picture

oo wow absolutely stunning eric.this is definitely a standard of rendering i am aiming 4

Guest's picture

This is just so evocative of my childhood, I can feel the years roll away looking at it. Different country but our childhood dreams are very similar. When I wasn't a indian scalping the boy next door, I was flying with the fairies and dragons Smile

The dragons are wonderful, so real and yet so dream like, this is a wonderful picture Eric Smile

archetype's picture

Thank you so much Anneke! Putting together the idea behind an image is the funnest part of the creative process for me. I'm glad you like!

archetype's picture

I appreciate the thoughts. This one was a lot of fun to make.

abroenink's picture

Eric, you keep on creating these wonderful artworks! Just as in 'Love Me' there is a beautiful thought behind the scenery. I love your descriptions as much as your images. Smile

Guest's picture

oh lovely..... it so reminds me of how i was as a child. very much so -s-

Guest's picture

Really beautiful image. Truly wonderful sentiment! I can identify.

sferris's picture

Hey Eric. Wonderful use of the digital world. Very nice design and well thought out. Smile

Art at its best.