The Warrior-Queen of Connacht by archetype

The Warrior-Queen of Connacht

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Added: Aug 13, 2002
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It is said that no man could rule the lands of Connacht without her consent; for she alone represented its sovereignty and prosperity. Queen Medb was is a rarity amongst the goddesses of ancient mythology. She was a shrewd and intelligent leader; every bit the equal of her male counterparts. Her military prowess, strong will, and political savvy made her both loved and hated in the Celtic fables from which her legend was born.

Today, our view of her is tainted by the Christian values of the monks who first wrote down the fables of Ireland. More modern interpretations of the Goddess Medb suggest she played many symbolic roles in the mythology of the Celts beyond being simply a malevolent deity. Her promiscuity marks her as a symbol of the fertility of Ireland, while her warlike tendencies are associated with themes of sovereignty and death in Celtic traditions.

A Poser, Bryce, Photoshop composition.

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thrax-1's picture

sheesh. another aawesome piece

Guest's picture

she has a very felin quality about her i love the way the sword looks. the helmet is cool. *i bow me before thee*

archetype's picture

Thanks for the kind words. As for getting your hands on these programs, most companies have free trial versions of their 3D apps that you can try out. The kind of art I do can be a very different experience from more traditional art mediums. Some people like that, others don’t. Using the trial versions first can help you decide if you like it or not.

nightwind2's picture

I continue to be astounded as to what can be done with Poser and Bryce (maybe one of these days I can get my hands on them...) This is really tremndous: the composition, the sword, the look on her face and everything in conveys. Absolutely astounding.

hexthree's picture

WOW!Beatuifully done.

archetype's picture

Yeah, I think the background turned out pretty well myself. I almost think it draws a bit too much attention away from the main figure.

archetype's picture

I don't know about this one being perfect, but I do think its one of my better works. Glad you like it!

archetype's picture

I appreciate the compliment Patrick. I try my best to bring out something new and interesting with the programs I use. Glad you like...

archetype's picture

I just love Celtic knotwork also. That was one of the primary reasons why I made this image.

archetype's picture

Thanks Terry!

ddoved's picture

beautiful work! the thing which especially caught my eye in your composition is that face in the background... very alluring.. Smile

abroenink's picture

I agree with Patrick, this is a fantastic composition! It is a perfect image. The figures, especially the one on the background, are magnificently drawn. I envy you for your talent Eric!

megaflow's picture

Spectacular composition and details! I love it when artists take full advantage of the different programs available to create something very artistic like you have here.

lockett's picture

Top quality work Eric, love the varous knot/patterns, great lighting too.

frodo's picture

Tremendous work!... Eric

Art at its best.