Dragon's Fury by archetype

Dragon's Fury

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Artwork Stats
Added: Sep 11, 2002
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Artwork Description

Let's see the Knight get himself out of this one...

Figures worked out in Poser, then imported into Bryce. All textures and postwork done in Photoshop. Hope you enjoy. Thanks for viewing!

15th Century Knight (DAZ)
Millennium Dragon (DAZ)

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prismstudios's picture

....Some days the Dragon wins......Love it. L

Guest's picture

The way I see it, they are fighting on a lake with a small coat of snow, hence the reason why they don't sink!
Keep up the good work.


Guest's picture

I agree with Corene about the snow, tough i must say that i didn't even noticed it untill i read the comments. Just because everything is worked out perfect!!! Especially that dragon looks terrific.

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you have a thing for dragons, don't you? well, I can tell you that you're doing a good job on them so it's acceptable! Wink

this one is particularly gorgeous! Smile the knight's armor is great!

mangalore's picture

Nice picture. Like it alot but I'D eventually move the helmet to face the dragon's head. A lot of impact is lost because the helmet seems to gaze at the belly of the dragon not where his teeth are. Wink

Great depths of field and good thing with the limited colour palette.

thrax-1's picture

no its truly amazing

thrax-1's picture

holy cow. amazing sorry 4 lack of words but what can be said that already hasnt "appart from[this really sux]"

archetype's picture

I really like how the dragon's texture turned out. It was a lot of fun to make!

archetype's picture

I tried to increase the unease in the scene by crowding the borders with the dragon, and angling the perspective. Glad you like it!

archetype's picture

Thanks! Glad you like the photo-realism I tried to protray in this scene.

archetype's picture

You have a point there. I was picturing something like hard-packed snow, but even so it should probably have more dents and indentations than it does. I just hope that doesn't ruin the plausibility of the scene for you.

twstdrealty8's picture

wow simply incredible. So realistic! Lovely armor and reflections. Great texture...just everything's awesome. Perspective, comporition....geeze, awesome. Smile

eden-celeste's picture

ehehehehe! Dragon Crunchies! I absolutely love the angle you have the dragon in this piece. Very frightening.

abroenink's picture

I like this very much. First I thought the dragon was kind of sculpture then I read the description. He is really beautiful, so very mean he looks! The pose of the knight is marvellous, the armour is photo realistical. Even on his back you can see the fear of the knight. Very impressive, Eric!

nezumi's picture

The feeling of depth is really well done, but I would think that something as heavy as a dragon or a man in platemail would have more effect on snow.

Art at its best.