Dreamfall by archetype


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Added: Jul 09, 2003
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This may sound strange, but this image is inspired by a feeling.

There are times when, just as I'm drifting off to sleep, I feel as if I'm falling. There is no fear or trepidation, only the breathtaking sensation of being free of gravity for a short while. And instead of the earth growing larger as I fall towards it, I am somehow growing smaller. While I only remember this feeling when I am startled out of sleep at just the right moment, I like to think it is a feeling I have every night. Kind of like my own personal journey from the waking world into the realm of dreams.

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diane's picture

This is simply stunning and breathtaking! In regards, to it being Poser, I don't think that should be the issue. It should be about the overall final image and the quality of that image regardless of tool! This is a quality image. Simple.

archetype's picture

Glad you like it. I consider this a more traditional art gallery and feel it’s a good gauge for how my artwork is perceived by those who are not familiar with my medium. While there may be a bit of a bias against my kind of work, I appreciate the willingness to not outright reject all of it. While consistency is important, judging art is not easy. I can understand how an artist might feel being rejected (I’ve had a few turned down myself), but I also appreciate the hard work it takes to review all the submissions.

archetype's picture

Thanks Chris! I consider that a wonderful compliment.

archetype's picture

It's always look forward to your wonderful comments. Thank you...and I'm glad you like this one!

Guest's picture

truely amazing texture for the millenium dragon.
the color shimmer gives it almost an opalecent quality.
unfortunately I still amazed that epilogue did its double standard again and let in a poser piece. They need to either accept all good poser pieces or none at all

Guest's picture

Fantastic, wow how truely magical.

christar's picture

Wow, this is one of the coolest C.G. images I have ever seen. Congratulations. Great designs and details, dynamic perspective.

abroenink's picture

It's always a delight to see a new picture of you in the update section. I have never been disappointed coming here. It's another beautiful addition to your gallery. The dragon's skin is stunning!

Guest's picture

The 'monster', have very beautiful color! His done very well! It's a very nice picture!

Art at its best.